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This page aims to provide information and usability of enhancements on Presentations feature, delivered in 2019.


When creating custom slides, users can now preview the slides with real employee data and make necessary adjustments to the slides immediately. It is possible to add “Field Labels” to individual fields on the custom profile slides.

Q3 2019 (b1908) Release

Sort of Successors by Readiness or by Rank (SCM- 13804)

With the product enhancement introduced on b1908 release, the sorting of successors setting (first by rank, first by readiness) configured for Succession, is now respected in Succession slides on Presentations.

Before this enhancement, only ranking across readiness was consistent. For other sort settings (by rank or by readiness), the sorting was not consistent. Now, whichever sort setting has been configured for Succession, will be applied in Succession slides on Presentations.

Add and Edit Succession Data in Shared Presentations (SCM-13450)

Add or Edit position nomination users/positions in the Presentation's talent card on People Grid, Matrix Reports, Talent Pool, Succession Org Chart, Position Tile, Team View, and Compensation Review Slides, was introduced in b1908 release.

Previously, it was only possible to Add or Edit talent pool and succession nomination for users/positions from Succession talent card. Adding/editing succession nomination from Presentation and Calibration Talent Card was not supported. 

With this enhancement, the add and edit nomination behavior is consistent across the application.

Q2 2019 (b1905) Release

Preview and Edit mode & Adding labels for fields in Custom Profile Slides (TRVW-2121)

Adding custom slides into a Presentation is now more efficient with the Preview mode enhancement. A preview of the to-be slide allows users to immediately finetune layout or content adjustments before the slide is finally submitted into the Presentation.

Now, users can switch between the Template mode for editing and the Preview mode for checking until layout, content and selected employees match their expectations.


Available for all users with "Manage Presentation" permission.

Creating Custom Profile Slides

NOTE: Custom Profile Slides are not available for Live Slides, only static slides (uploaded).

  1. Upload PowerPoint or PDF content to use as the basis for custom profile slides. This static content provides the background on top of which you insert dynamic profile data;
  2. Find your uploaded content in the Slide Holding Area and add it to your presentation;
  3. In either the View Slide Timeline mode or the View Slide Sorter mode, select your uploaded content;
  4. Open the action menu dropdown and select Create Customized Slides;
  5. A message is displayed:

  6. In the Add Populations dialog, select the population for whom you wish to create a custom profile slide. Then click Add to Selected to add them to your presentation:
    NOTE: To ensure optimal performance, do not add more than 200 people.

  7. You can create slides for:
    1. An individual user;
    2. A team, starting from a given manager and including a specified number of levels;
    3. A dynamic group that you define.
  8. After clicking Continue, you are presented with a wizard that displays your static background and lists the available profile data in a side panel.
  9. You are in the template design mode. You can drag and drop widgets from the right panel to the slide as placeholders and adjust the layout as you want.
  10. During and after the design, you can check the slide layout with real data under the Preview tab and make necessary adjustments back in the Template design mode.
  11. Click Finalize to close the wizard and add custom profile slides for each person to your presentation.


Users cannot go back and edit custom profile slides once they are created. To change the data or layout of your custom profile slides, you have to create and add them again.

Using the Preview mode

When in the Preview mode, you can check layout, content and preview even live data for all selected employees.

Toggle back to Template mode for further editing. Only when done, choose “Finalize”. Then, all custom slides for the selected employees will get created in one go:

Adding labels to individual fields

In the previous version of the custom profile slide, some fields showed only with their value. Now users can configure a field label, to match the audience‘s business terms.

  1. In the Template mode, expand the Basic Info section;
  2. Drag & drop the Add A Label option onto the canvas:

With these enhancements, the Custom Profile Slides are an excellent alternative to custom-built profile pages. The layout can be tailored in a flexible way so that the profiles can form the agenda of talent review meetings with real-time information per employee.

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