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The purpose of this page is provide a brief comparison between Programs and Curricula. To see the latest information on this topic that is maintained by the SAP SuccessFactors User Assistance team with product team input visit the guide:


A common trend among the types of questions being asked is how programs relate to curricula and whether one can be used to replace the other. In order to answer these questions we will explain their intended use, highlight their core differences, and provide our recommendations.

Curricula Overview

Curricula were created to support the assignment and tracking of certifications/qualifications within highly regulated industries. A curriculum generally consists of a series of courses whose completions are required within a set timeframe. Some curricula may also have retraining periods that must be adhered to in order for a user to remain certified for a particular task or job. In order to support the regulatory requirements of customers in such industries, curricula are considered to be a standardized certification delivery system – this means that everyone who is assigned a curriculum must follow the same rules without exception.

Programs Overview

Programs were created to deliver learning activities of various sources and types in a structured manner, similar to academic-style courses and/or MOOCs. A program typically consists of activities grouped in time-based or topic-based blocks and contains settings to control the flow of consumption by the end users.

Programs are adoptive to the training needs of the program participants. This means that rules and requirements may vary among participants that attended the same program at different times.

Curricula/Program Examples

Refer to this table for a feature comparison:

I should use Curricula when

  • The training requirements are driven by regulatory policies.
  • Users must re-certify.
  • Users can be de-certified based on later failure.
  • Changes in training requirements impact certification status.
  • Certification requirements must be consistent for all users.
  • Certification is required for a user, and compliance status must be maintained.

Curricula are ideal for training that is regulated, compliance-driven, and auditable.

I should use Programs when…

  • I want to deliver a group of learning activities.
  • The intent is to deliver content in structured/meaningful blocks.
  • Users must complete the training blocks in sequence.
  • My content includes external content, personal interactions, and custom activities that do not need to be validated by the system.
  • My content must be presented in a visual agenda layout.

Programs are ideal for MOOCs, leadership and onboarding programs, and academic-style courses.


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