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Proxy Server Settings is required for users that are behind a Proxy Server. e.g., Corporate network

  1. Close the Plateau Report Designer tool
  2. Open the Report Designer Program file and copy the .ini file to another location (Desktop for instance)
  3.  In a text editor, open the PlateauReportDesigner.ini file and add one of the following blocks of code.
-Dhttps.proxyHost=[value of proxy host]
-Dhttps.proxyPort=[value of proxy port]
-Dhttp.proxyHost=[value of proxy host]
-Dhttp.proxyPort=[value of proxy port]

4. Set any other properties you need to set, e.g.

-Dhttp(s).nonProxyHosts, -Dhttp.proxyUser, and -Dhttp.proxyPassword

5. Save and copy the PlateauReportDesigner.ini file and paste the file in the orginal location (PRD program file) > when prompted to replace the original accept.