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Recommended Articles

Common Issues KBAs

  • 2776882 - EC Advanced Reporting Metadata Sync (View Based Metadata - VBM)
  • 2796673 - Users do not Have Access to Report - Canvas / Online Report Designer
  • 2610465 - Missing Reports in Report Center After Instance Refresh Was Done
  • 2229272 - How to check if a User has a Permission (for example Report permission) - User Role Search
  • 2357821 - EC Standard Report Validation Errors Descriptions, Cause and Fix - tips and tricks

Most Popular KBAs

  • 2796410 - Report Events Audit - Sub domain schema for information regarding the reporting events 
  • 2822515 - New Adhoc Report Execution Audit Sub-Domain Schema
  • 2762935 - Online Report Designer (ORD) / Report - Canvas Functional Permissions migration to RBP 
  • 2673792 - How to transfer Reports, Tiles and Dashboards between instances with Report Center (Including Bulk Export)

Helpful How-Tos

  • 2250286 – How to handle duplicate Records in Canvas Report - Advanced Reporting
  • 2229272 - How to check if a User has a Permission (for example Report permission)? - User Role Search
  • 2368375 - How to Set Up and Use Date Options in Advanced Reporting

Just Getting Started?

These resources are most useful for those just getting started in Analytics & Reporting:

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