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ADMIN vs. USER report

There are two types of reports in the LMS:  Admin Reports (to be ran by Admins) and User Reports (to be ran by users).  These can be determined by how they appear in the Reports screen on the Admin side. Reports that Admins can run are hyperlinked, while User reports do not have a hyperlink – the one exception is the Certificate of Completion Learning Event – this report is not hyperlinked, but it is only ran after an Admin records a completed Learning Event.  User-side reports can run EXACTLY the same queries as the admin side reports except that you are unable to conduct any searches – Items, Curricula, Users, etc..  Admin report can conduct searches.  Also, Admin report must contain a valid security statement in it (such as [security: PA_STUDENT]).

If a report is not hyperlinked (Admin cannot click on the reports name) and/or has ‘(User)’ at the end of its name, Admin will not be able to run it from the Admin interface.  These reports are user facing reports.  With User Reports Admin can although edit (add a description, publish/unpublish, change the Domain or report group), and some can be exported (if they are PRD reports). You can find the all the STANDARD / System report defined for both USER_TYPE (user and admin).


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