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When searching:

  1. The default search in ONE Support Launchpad is an “And” search, meaning the system is looking for all the words that you enter.
  2. Use no more than 3 unique keywords for the first search (not complete sentences).
  3. Use the most unique keywords in your search.
  4. Never search on words like: employee, exception, best practice. They are far too common.
  5. Reduce results by using quotes around phrases, e.g. “Employee Central”, “Wiki Resource”
  6. Copy and paste to avoid misspelling words, or error messages
  7. Look at each set of results (KBAs, SCN Wiki, Support Portal, and SF Community) For example this wiki page will only show under the SCN Wiki results.
  8. Experiment with different search method


If I enter Wiki Resource in the One Support Launchpad, the search is looking for all incidents of the word “wiki” and the word “resource”. As you can image these are common terms that return a lot of information. There were close to 800 returned items. IF I use quotes around “Wiki resource”, the search is looking for the phase “Wiki Resource”. This small difference now returns under 30 pages. This helps you get to the content that you are looking to find.

You can also combine the exact phrase search (“”) for more than one phrase. If we use the above example but want to only see pages Wiki Resource for Employee Central we would enter “Wiki Resource” “Employee Central”. This search returns 5 results.

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