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The purpose of this page is  to explain the general features and functions of SuccessFactors Learning Mobile.


Your employees take their mobile devices everywhere, and SuccessFactors Mobile Learning can go with them. SuccessFactors Mobile Learning empowers employees with the flexibility to learn at their convenience – even when they are offline.

The mobile ecosystem is diverse, so we have two basic ways to access Mobile Learning:

  • The SuccessFactors Mobile App – Employees can download the SuccessFactors Mobile app for free from Apple Store or Google Play. At this time, Learning inside the SuccessFactors app supports learning tasks (as opposed to administration tasks) and requires integrated environments.

  • Mobile web browsers – Employees can access Mobile Learning by using their device’s mobile browser. At this time, Learning in a mobile browser supports learning tasks (as opposed to administration tasks). To reduce the complexity of the client devices, we support native browsers only. A native browser is one that installed and used by default on the device. For example, Safari on iOS.


Learning Mobile Ecosystems

SuccessFactors Learning Mobile is divided into "Ecosystems". Each provides users a unique way to access Learning.In the table below, an "X" indicates that the feature is supported for the ecosystem identified by the column. For example, Course Catalogs are supported in the native SF App for iPad, but not for the other ecosystems.


Table 1: Mobile Learning – Supported Functionality Matrix


SF App iPad Native

SF App iPad Classic

SF App iPhone

SF App Android

iOS Browser

Android Browser

Learning Assignments

View learning assignments details and prerequisites.

          x          x        x        x      x         x

Course Catalog

Search for courses and add them to your assignments.

          x          -        -


      -         -

Schedule Offerings

Register and withdraw from schedule offerings.

          x          x        x       x      x         x

Content Download

Download content hosted on any server or iContent.

          x          -        -       -      -        -

Content Launch

View content structure, play content and remove content when course completed.

          x          x        x       x      x        x

Offline Mode

Launch content while offline and sync progress when back online.

          x          -        -       -      -         -

Enrollment Approvals

Approve course enrollment from employees.

          -         x        x       x      x         x

Learning History

Review information of past courses and download certificates of completion.

          x         x        -       -      -         -

Task Checklist

Record completion of observations and submit electronic signatures with checklist.

          x          x        x       x      x         x


Create original learning content and share QuickGuides with your peers.

          -          -        x        -      -         -

Multiple Profiles

Share device with multiple users.

          x          x        x         -      --


          x          x        x         x      x          x


          x          x        x         x      x          x

SCORM 2004 2nd Edition

          -          x        x         x      x          x

SCORM 2004 4th Edition

          -          x        x         x      x          x

Learning Mobile Features

Same as the first section, this is also part of the main body of the WIKI. You can add as many sections as you require to make the information you are explaining as clear and simple to follow as possible.


 Learn on the Go

SuccessFactors Mobile Learning offers solutions for employees to identify their assigned courses, browse for interesting courses, register for classes, and approve training requests.

 Manage Learning Assignments

Let your employees manage their learning assignment wherever they go. With SuccessFactors Mobile Learning, your employees can view assigned courses and related information. Learning assignments can be sorted by Date or Priority.

   Browse Course Catalog

When your employees take the initiative to search for new courses, you want to reduce their effort to increase your company’s culture of learning. With SuccessFactors Mobile Learning, your employees can easily search for online, instructor-led or other courses in the catalogs that they have access. When they find a course of their interest, they can simply assign it to themselves. Search Catalog is only available in the SuccessFactors Mobile app for iPad.

   Register for Classes

Your employees can register or withdraw from classes from wherever they are. Employees must register for classes when the class is led by an instructor or when some part of it is led by an instructor. Registration is not the same as assignment. Often, employees are assigned a course by a supervisor or admin, but they still must register for a particular class at a particular time.

   Approve Enrollment

 Delays in the approval process can cause delays in enrollment, so you want the process to go where your employees are: to their mobile devices. The SuccessFactors Mobile Learning offers    supervisors the ability to grant approvals for employee’s training requests on the go. 

     View Learning History

After employees complete their courses in the SuccessFactors Mobile app for iPad, they can review their learning history to confirm they get proper credit and download their certificate of completion. 

View Courses with Offline Mode

With offline mode, employees can interact with learning content on their devices even when they aren’t sure they’ll have an internet connection. Offline mode is only available in the SuccessFactors Mobile app for iPad.

 Downloading Courses for Offline Playing

Employees often want to take their learning content with them, beyond the limits of their corporate network. SuccessFactors Mobile Learning offers offline storage for your employees. Your employees can download courses to their devices through the SuccessFactors Mobile app for iPad when they are online and connected to the Learning Management System (LMS). They can then disconnect from the internet and launch the local copy of the courses that they have downloaded.

   Background Content Downloads

To make downloading as efficient as possible, users of the SuccessFactors Mobile app for iPad can download multiple online courses in parallel. The content downloads in the background so that employees can continue to use their devices for other applications.

   Completion Status

If employees complete sections of their courses while they are offline, the system credits their offline work. With offline mode, their completion status is stored offline temporarily. When they reconnect to the internet, their device syncs with the LMS so that the SuccessFactors Mobile app can upload their progress.

   Content Creation for Offline Mode

Creating content for offline mode can be a challenge. Any offline content should not rely on an active internet connection and should contain all of the necessary HTML, video, audio, and images that it needs to play offline.


Extend Learning

You can enable employees to expand learning beyond traditional methods. 

Demonstrate Skills with Task Checklists

If your employees have skills to demonstrate, skills that require observation, they can use task checklists to communicate their ability to successfully execute a task. With SuccessFactors Mobile, observers can easily verify tasks necessary to complete procedural training. Observers can find the request for observation in their assignments and bring a mobile device into the environment where the observation is to take place. The app can record the time it takes for each task, notes from the observer, the completion of each task, and sign with electronic signatures.

Publish Employee Knowledge with QuickGuides

Enable employees to quickly create polished interactive guides by adding steps, upload photos and swiftly annotating instructions. Employees who read the QuickGuide gain insider knowledge from a subject matter expert and a peer with direct knowledge of the task. Readers can bookmark useful QuickGuides to return to the guide. They can also rate QuickGuides to reward the most useful. QuickGuides are only available in the SuccessFactors Mobile app for iPhone.

Share Learning Devices among Employees

The SuccessFactors Mobile app for iPhone and iPad allows your employees to share devices. Employees are required to enter a PIN code to access their user account. Account information is separately stored in the device. Employees have access to their learning assignments. In the SuccessFactors Mobile app for iPad, they have the additional benefit of access to their offline content.


Enable Successful Mobile Learning Experiences

We include features that help you enable successful mobile learning experiences for your users.

Test Mobile Learning Content

To meet the challenge of creating mobile learning content, we built SuccessFactors Learn Test for iPad. The SuccessFactors Learn Test app assists content developers who are building courses for the SuccessFactors Mobile app for iPad. Content developers can download SuccessFactors Learn Test for iPad from the App Store. With Learn Test, they can test their content and they can experience the content as iPad users experience it. The app links to a guide for developing mobile learning content. Learn Test does not require SuccessFactors HCM authentication. Content must be publicly available for download and cannot be on a server that requires a log in.

iContent Integration

After content developers create content for online or offline use, the content must be hosted online so that your employees can download it. You can upload your courses to iContent and integrate them easily with the SuccessFactors Learning Management System. iContent is a SuccessFactors hosting service.


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