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The purpose of this page is to describe the options available within the Succession Settings page in Admin Center. 


The Succession Settings page from Admin Center allows you to select some configuration options related to Succession Planning, that are used in various parts of the Succession Module. It can be accessed by going to Admin Center > Succession > Succession Settings. 

Live Profiles - Default Dates for Live Profile Ratings

The configuration section on the Live Profile dates allows you to define default dates for adding ratings through the Employee Profile Trend portlets. For example, the Performance default dates have been defined as 01/01/2016 - 12/31/2016 in the Succession Settings page. So, when you go to the Performance portlet in the Employee Profile and add a rating, these will be the default values for the Start and End Date fields. 

The Mini 9-box rating configuration used to apply to add ratings through the Overview portlet. However, in v12 Employee Profile and People Profile (PP3), the Overview portlet uses the date range from the Scorecard process. So, the Mini 9-Box dates are not used anymore.


If the option "Remember user's view, display options and 9-box results in Succession" is enabled, the system will "remember" the filters and display options that the user had last selected in the Succession Org Chart and in the Matrix Grid Reports. 

Succession Org Chart - Setup the rating source for Succession Org Chart

In the v11 Succession Org Chart, it was possible to display the user's latest rating (performance, potential, etc) and the latest placement (from Perf-Pot and How vs. What Matrix Grid) in the Position Node. You can restrict which ratings are considered when retrieving the user's latest rating by configuring a process and date range here.

  • Rating Date Range: Specify the date range filter for ratings. This date range filter works based on the rating's End Date. 
  • Process of ratings: Indicates the source of ratings that should be used: which Performance Forms to consider and whether to include ratings from the Live Profile (Import or Self Service) and from Calibration Sessions. The process itself can be configured on Admin Center > Reporting and Analytics > Processes and Forms. 
  • Exclude in-progress forms for ratings in the Succession Org Chart: If enabled, ratings from in-progress forms are not considered. 


The rating source configuration for Succession Org Chart is removed from Succession Settings page in b2011 release (Q2 2020), as this was only used for v11 Succession Org Chart, when text values were supported in the position node. Configuration set for this area does not take effect in v12 Succession Org Chart, as Trend information are now displayed in Talent Cards, and follow Employee Profile configuration (Admin Center > Configure People Profile > General Settings > Talent Data Settings). Internal Reference ID: SCM-14640

Position Tile View

By default, the Position Tile will load all the positions that a user has access to and display them sorted by Position Title. This process of loading all positions and sorting them can take a long time if the logged-in user has access to many positions (or in some cases, to all positions of the instance). To reduce the loading time of the Position Tile and improve the user experience, you can enable the option "Disable sort by position title to improve overall performance". This option makes the Position Tile displays the positions as soon as the first results are loaded from the database, without having to wait for all positions to be loaded and sorted. Then, the process of loading all positions continues in the background and the Position Tile displays the total number of positions once this is finished. This allows the customer to take action on the first positions and to apply filters in the Position Tile as soon as the first results start appearing. 

Update Position Attributes

The feature "Update Position Attributes", available in Admin Center > Succession Settings, allows you to synchronize User Fields (from the UDF) to fields in the Position object. For more information on this, please refer to Wiki Page Succession Management - Mapping User Attributes to MDF Positions to Manage RBP.

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