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The purpose of this page is to clarify what configuration checks are already included in the Check Tool for Succession Planning. 


The Check Tool is an Admin Center feature that helps you identify errors and potential problems in your configuration. This page explains the types of checks that already exist for Succession Planning in Admin Center > Check Tool.

Readiness Rating Scale

As the Readiness Scale definition for Succession Planning is configured in Admin Center and Org Chart XML (Provisioning), and the configuration in both areas must be identical, it was often difficult to determine why readiness was showing different information (scale and labels) in different places of the application, as Provisioning access is only available for Implementation Partner and Cloud Support. Now, it is possible for customers to self-diagnose the issue.

However, changes to the Readiness Scale in Org Chart XML (Provisioning) still requires Implementation Partner or Cloud Support assistance.

Succession Planning Check Tool UI and Usability

In Admin Center > Check Tool, a configuration check was added, for the readiness settings between Admin Center > Rating Scale and Provisioning > Org Chart XML definition:

If the Readiness Scale definition match in both areas (identical set of scores and language pairs), no error will be reported when running the check tool. And in case, they are not identical, a list of errors will be presented:

To identify the configuration issues, and proposed solution, click on the hyperlink "# issues found" under Results column. A pop-up window will open with the detailed check results, where you can export them:

Detailed Results Description

 The labels and values you define for your readiness rating scale in the Rating Scales admin tool must match exactly those defined in your Org Chart XML in Provisioning.

Edit your readiness rating scale either in the Admin Center or Provisioning so they're consistent. To change the readiness rating scale in the Admin Center, go to Rating Scales > Readiness. To change the readiness rating scale in Provisioning, go to Succession Management > Edit Org Chart Configuration. If you don't have access to Provisioning, contact SAP Cloud Support or your implementation partner.

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