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The purpose of this page is to explain how to use and when to use the feature "Update Position Attributes" from Admin Center > Succession Settings.


The feature "Update Position Attributes", available in Admin Center > Succession Settings, allows you to synchronize User Fields (from the UDF) to fields in the Position object. 

Why to map User Fields to fields in the Position Object? 

When a customer is using MDF Positions, but does not have EC Position Management, it's common that the Position object will only contain basic information, such as Position Title, Incumbent and Criticality. However, some customers need to configure their Role-Based Permissions (RBP) based on information that is only available in the User entity, such as Department, Division, Location, etc. This feature allows you to map this type of information from the User entity to custom fields in the Position object, so that you can configure the target population of your Permission Roles meeting your business requirements. 

This is especially helpful for managing vacant positions, since you can only grant permissions to add/view successors to vacant positions by granting Position object permissions. Having certain position attributes filled from fields in the incumbent user's employee profile helps you control access permissions for positions which become vacant. If an MDF position becomes vacant, that is if the 'incumbent' field is empty, the last incumbent user's data will be retained at the MDF position. As a result, this vacant position remains accessible to logged-in users whose permissions allow them to see and edit positions maintained via the incumbent user's attributes.

The information updated at the position level via this mapping will then render in all module areas, like Succession Org Chart, Nomination and Succession Portlets and Ad Hoc Reporting.

How to set up the mapping? 

With this configuration option you can fill MDF position attributes from the incumbent user's employee profile fields. In Update Position Attributes section (Admin Center > Succession > Succession Settings), you define when the update of position attributes should take effect and which MDF Position field will be updated from which employee profile field.

  1. Go to Admin Center > Succession Settings > Update Position Attributes.
  2. Choose whether to update the MDF position information with user data "Only during the MDF position sync" or "Whenever a position is saved or imported.
  3. Map the attributes by selecting the relevant user fields and the corresponding MDF fields. You can choose up to 10 fields to map, from both standard and custom fields in the User data records.

Special Remarks

  • The fields available for matching represent the most commonly used fields from the user data file.
  • The fields available for the MDF Position are all the standard (which are not reserved for system use) and custom fields of data type “String” from the Position object. For instructions on how to add a custom field, please refer to article 2438887 - MetaData Framework - How to create a custom field for a MDF Object?
  • If the type of a field is changed after the mapping has been made, the mapping will be discarded. If a mapped field is deleted, the mapping should be discarded as well.
  • You can choose up to 10 fields in this mapping.
  • The system will only update position attributes for a position with changes. If the position remains untouched after position attributes are configured, data from UDF will not be copied over. For new configurations, admin will need to pre-populate from UDF to ensure all fields are synced.


  • A user's Department has been mapped to MDF Position field "cust_business_unit" and user's Division is mapped to MDF Position field "cust_organization".
  • When a new position is created with user ‘employee1' as incumbent then Employee 1's Department and Division are copied over to the two MDF Position custom fields when the record is saved and/or during MDF Position Sync.
  • When the position is "updated" (both for effective and non-effective dated updates), the incumbent fields are copied over to the MDF Position fields again.
  • If the incumbent field is empty, nothing will be copied over to the MDF Position custom fields; old values will be retained in the MDF Position fields.

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