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The purpose of this page is to explain how to configure the bench strength indicator in the Succession Org Chart. 


It is possible to display a Bench Strength indicator for each position / incumbent in the Succession Org Chart, which indicates the highest readiness level among all the successors nominated for a given position. For example, in the below position, there are 4 successors and the highest Readiness level among those 4 successors is "Ready Now", therefore, the Bench Strength will be "Ready Now". In summary, it reflects the readiness of the Succession Plan for a position as a whole; how ready the most ready successor is. 

How to configure the Bench Strength Indicator?

To configure Bench Strength in Succession Org Chart you must have the following configured in your instance and make sure they mirror each other: 

  • Readiness Rating Scale

  • Readiness Picklist

  • Bench Strength Picklist

After configuring the above, you'll also need to add the "benchStrength" standard element to the Succession Data Model and configure the Bench Strength indicator in the Succession Org Chart XML in the back end (provisioning).

Readiness Rating Scale

The "Readiness" rating scale is used throughout the Succession module to determine readiness for Successors and Talent Pool Nominations. The "Readiness" Rating Scale should be the starting point for configuring Readiness and BenchStrength in your instance. Other configurations (picklist and Succession Org Chart XML) should match the "Readiness" Rating Scale configuration.  

  1. Go to Admin Center > Company Settings > Rating Scales.

  2. Select the "Readiness" rating scale. 


Readiness and BenchStrength Picklist Configuration

After configuring the "Readiness" rating scale, the next step is configuring the "benchStrength" and "readiness" picklists to match the rating scale configuration. The "minValue" of each picklist option should match the Score used in the Rating Scale.

  1. Go to Admin Center > Company Settings > Picklist Management.
  2. Select "Export All Picklists" > Submit. 
  3. Download File > check the "benchStrength" and "readiness" picklists and make sure they match the "Readiness" rating scale.

As you can see in the above screenshots, the score and minValue of all the options match between the Rating Scale and the benchStrength and readiness picklists. For example, the readiness "Ready 3+ Years" has minValue "1" in the picklists and score "1" in the rating scale. 

Configure the "benchStrength" standard element

To enable the "benchStrength" indicator, you need to configure the "benchStrength" standard element in the Succession Data Model, in the back end (provisioning) of the instance. The following definition should be included: 

<standard-element id="benchStrength" max-length="100" required="false" matrix-filter="false">
    <label>Bench Strength</label>
    <picklist id="benchStrength"/>

Configure Succession Org Chart XML

After the above configuration is made, the final step is configuring the Succession Org Chart XML to display the "benchStrength" indicator. Configuring the "benchStrength" indicator in the Succession Org Chart follows the same code as defining the "Readiness" indicator, but using the key="benchStrength", instead of "readiness", and type "titlegradient", instead of "readiness". For more information on this configuration, refer to the Succession Implementation Guide - Defining the Readiness Rating Scale in the Org Chart XML

Changes to Succession Org Chart XML

As a customer, you do not have access to provisioning (back end) to make the Succession Org Chart XML and Succession Data Model changes. If you are configuring the Bench Strength indicator for the first time, contact your Implementation Partner to request this configuration. If you are only making a small change to the existing scale, you can engage Cloud Product Support.

Example of BenchStrength configuration in the Succession Org Chart XML:

<gradientOption index="3" key="benchStrength">
<label>Emergency Replacement</label>
<label>Ready Now</label>
<label>1-2 years</label>
<label>3+ years</label>

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