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The purpose of this page is to explain the Succession + CDP integration, where the Development Goals are displayed when adding a successor.


The v12 Succession Org Chart allows the Succession Planners to see Development Goals and add new ones when adding a successor. 


  • Full Career Development Planning should be enabled.
  • The development Plan template should be configured.


  • The Position Card displays Development Goals from the default Development Plan template (configured in Admin Center > Manage Templates). 
  • The Development Plan section on SOC v12 shows only the name and the status of the development goals. It doesn't show data of any other column/field of the development plan template.
  • It is not possible to configure this section to show any other field of development plan template nor totally disable this because this section is hardcoded.

Permission Requirements

  • "Goal Plan Permissions" over the default template for the selected user: this permission is required for the Development Goals section to appear in the Position Card when adding a successor. (RBP > Goals > Goal Plan Permissions). 
  • "Read" permissions in the default CDP template: you'll need "read" permissions over the "name" and "status" fields of the development goals to see the Development Goals in the Position Card. 
  • "Private-access" permissions in the default CDP template: the user needs this permission to see "private" development goals in the Position Card. If the user does not have this permission, only "public" development goals will be visible, based on the "read" permissions. 
  • "Create" permissions in the default CDP template: if you want the users to be able to create Development Goals from the Position Card, "create" action permissions are required. 
  • "Write" field permissions in the default CDP template: besides having "create" permission, the user should also have "write" permission to the required fields (at least), to be able to create a new Development Goal. 

Permissions in the Career Development Plan XML Template

The permissions defined in the Career Development Plan XML template are based on user relationships (E - employee in self, EM - manager over its direct reports, EX - matrix manager over matrix reports, etc). Therefore, this can make it difficult to grant permissions for Succession Planners (who are not related to the user) to be able to see/add development goals. This is usually resolved by granting permissions for everyone (role-name *) to be able to read the fields and then restrict access to the Development Plan itself via the RBP permissions (Goals > "Goal Plan Permissions").

View Development Goals in Position Card

The Succession Planner will be able to view the Development Goals when adding a new nomination or editing an existing one. 

Add Development Goals in Position Card

When viewing the Development Goals, the Succession Planner will be able to add new ones by clicking the "+Add Development Goals" link. The "Add Development Goal" pop-up window from CDP will be displayed. 

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