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The purpose of this page is to describe the Recommended Successors and Readiness Percentage features, which are available in the v12 Succession Org Chart. 


The Recommended Successors feature, available in the v12 Succession Org Chart, lists potential successors to a certain position based on how ready they are to take this future role. The Readiness Percentage of each successor is calculated by analyzing the Job Role competencies of the target position and the competency ratings of the potential successor. The v12 Succession Org Chart uses the calculation of the Career Worksheet template and, therefore, the Career Worksheet feature is required to take advantage of the Recommended Successors feature.

The Readiness Percentage of the successor is also displayed if you search directly for the successor. 


  • Career Worksheet template must be present and configured in the instance.
  • Job Role competencies must be defined.
  • Users/Positions should be correctly associated with a Job Role, so the system can retrieve the required competencies.
  • For the user to display as recommended successor, the user should have a competency rating for at least one of the competencies required for the target role. 

Permission Settings

To enable the feature, you need to grant the “Recommended Successors” permission for the Succession Planners. To do so, please follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Admin Center > Manage Permission Roles > select the relevant permission role.
  2. Click “Permission” > select the “Career Development Planning” section > enable the “Recommended Successors” feature.
  3. Save the role.

It’s important to note that the target population of this permission controls which users will be visible as Recommended Successors for the Succession Planners. 


The list of Recommended Successors will display when the user clicks on “Add Successor” on The v12 Succession Org Chart’s Position Card: 

The system also displays the potential successor’s Readiness Percentage after you select the user from the user search or from the list of recommended successors: 

If you are having issues with the Readiness Percentage displaying as 0% for all recommended successors, even though you followed the above steps, see KBA 2473152 - v12 Succession Org Chart – Readiness Percentage displays as 0% for all recommended successors.

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