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Talent Search administrators can set options like keyword search and rating scale configuration via the Talent Search Settings.

Enable Keyword Search in Talent Search

Allows users with access to the Talent Search to input keywords and search for these keywords across previously indexed fields according to the user-defined target population, allowing for a quick search, which can be further refined

To enable the Keyword Search, there are three required steps:

  1. Define read permissions for the fields that should be searchable by Keyword:
    1. Read permissions for all roles (<role-name>*</role-name>) should be defined for the fields in the Succession Data Model (back end of the instance). For example, if you would like to make the  “division”, “department” and “title” fields searchable by keyword, the following should be defined in your Succession Data Model:
      This step requires engagement from Cloud Product Support to configure the fields in your Succession Data Model. Please see Article 2252666 - SCR Form: Supported XML Software Change Request for Succession Org Chart & Succession Data model - Succession Management for information on the process to request this change.
      Note (i): Any users that have access to the Talent Search will be able to search (using the Keyword Search) against all the fields (Standard Elements) defined in this step, against their respective target populations. Therefore, it's recommended to only include standard elements that can be searched on by any user with access to the Talent Search.
      Note (ii): For Background Elements, the system handles permissions for keyword searches by checking both the read permission in the Succession Data Model (configuration above) and the Role-Based Permissions for Talent Search (Searchable fields on RBP). The system only returns results for those fields that have been set to "read permission for all users" in the Succession Data Model AND which are included in the Talent Search permissions for the user's role.

      <element-permission type="read">
          <description>Keyword Search field permissions</description>
          <standard-element-ref refid="division"/>
          <standard-element-ref refid="department"/>
          <standard-element-ref refid="title"/>
  2. After the permissions are defined in the Succession Data Model, you should request Cloud Product Support to create the Search Index for your instance.

  3. Go to Admin Center > Succession > Talent Search Settings > enable the option “Enable keyword search in Talent Search” > click “Save”.

Show Competencies and Behaviors

If enabled, all competencies & behaviors in all libraries are displayed for searching below background elements. For customers whose users are confused by this, or if they have many competencies (which can cause the search page to take a long time to load), admins can disable this.

Enable New Competency Picker

Prerequisites: Job Profile Builder is enabled and data migration to Job Profile Builder is successful

Beginning 2H 2020, users can now use the new competency picker to add competencies in Talent Search They can select competencies by competency libraries and search for competencies using keywords

Before 2H 2020

After 2H 2020

Rating Configurations

Define the source of ratings to be used in Talent Search. 

Choose Process: Options available here can be created or modified through Processes and Forms tool in Admin Center. Choose All rating sources to pull ratings across Forms, Employee Profile (Import/Manual), Calibration sessions.

Search Talents based on their (All ratings or Latest Rating): Defines what system will pull in the search criteria whether all of the employee's ratings or just the most recent rating only.

Default rating scale for advanced search criteria: Advanced Information/Competencies :  Rating scale that appears in this area are configured through the following tools:

  • Rating Scales (Admin Center > Performance)
  • Matrix Grid Rating Scales (Admin Center > Succession)

Default Search Fields

This one is pretty straightforward. Setting this feature will show the following search fields as visible search fields when a user starts Talent Search v2, or uses "Start Over" within the introduction search filter page.

Hyperlink Configurations

Newly introduced this 2H 2020 release, allows the Admin to configure the "i" icon in the Talent Search page to route to a deep link within SuccessFactors.

To create/see available deep links within Successfactors, please refer to the following guides:

Bridge KBA: 2094292

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