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In the SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS), the programs feature provides organizations with an additional tool to deliver effective and engaging learning. The program structure is designed by creating sections and the structure is similar to a traditional academic syllabus. Programs support a blended learning experience by combining a wide variety of learning activities. As mentioned in our related webinar, there are three different program types:

  1. Scheduled – has a fixed start date and end date
  2. Duration-based – has a fixed duration but users can start at different times
  3. Open-ended – is self-paced with no time limits

In addition, there are progress restrictions that fall into three categories:

  1. By completion – users must complete sections before starting the next section
  2. By schedule – users must wait until the scheduled time before starting the next section
  3. No restriction – allows students to jump around within the program and tackle learning items at their own pace

Social Learning and Collaboration in Programs

Social learning and collaboration is a proven means of engaging learners. The SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite integrates the LMS with SAP JAM, allowing for social learning to be associated with programs. When building learning programs, consider the difference leveraging social learning can make for your learners! Not only can it reinforce concepts learned, it can also keep learners connected with others in the cohort, making an even richer learning experience.

Measuring Program Effectiveness

One of the most important considerations while building a program is how success will be measured. You may want to incorporate LMS questionnaire surveys within the program, or pre- and post-test assessments to measure knowledge gained. Exams in the LMS are a great way to ensure learning has occurred.   

Another consideration is how learning impacts the business, which can be indicated by achieving Level 4 on the Kirkpatrick Model. If your organization is ready for this level of assessment, 3D Results extends LMS reporting through the use of our 3DR Cube reporting, analytics and visualization platform, specifically the Learning Analytics Results Pack.


We love seeing our clients building rich learning experiences, and now the LMS supports those in a new way with the programs feature. When programs are built using SAP JAM, learners benefit from collaborative social learning. Learning professionals who keep success metrics at the forefront while developing learning programs will ensure successful learning.

For more information about the SAP SuccessFactors LMS, check out this informative webinar.

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