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  • Which report to use?
  • Where can I find a report for XYZ?
  • I need a report that gives a summary for XYZ.
  • we are using report ABC, but we need additional field X, y and Z.
  • How can change the font size of the report XYZ?


All these question leads to same solution/step. SuccessFactors provides over 200 report for LMS as System/Standard report.

All System/Standard report provided by SuccessFactors is listed at : . The list contains the description of the reports.
A subset of the System/Standard reports as "Most commonly used Standard report" is available at . In this list we provide you additional details about the report.


We request to review these information to find the best match for their requirement. If you do not find a report in the list that match your requirement, you may choose one of the following option:

  1. Create a new report using PRD tool.
  2. Update an existing Report with Report Designer(PRD) 
  3. Involve SAP Professional Services to assist you in creating/updating reports. More information on how to contact them can be seen here.
  4. Submit an Enhancement Request here.

For the option 1 and 2 you need to use the Plateau Report Designer. Below mentioned information may be interesting for using the PRD tool.


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