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The installation and upgrade of a SAP NetWeaver system are complex processes, and some issues might happen that are related with the database. When it happens, SAP create Knowledge Base Articles or SAP Notes addressing those issues and the possible workarounds and/or solutions for those issues.

This wiki page contains a collection of documents and references to SAP Knowledge Base Articles (KBA) and SAP Notes that address issues that may happen in different phases of an Upgrade with Software Update Manager (SUM) of a SAP NetWeaver system running on SQL Server and the installation of SAP NetWeaver systems on MS SQL Server. The errors and the solutions are related to SQL Server.




SAP KBA 2235057 - Performance issues when running an SAP Upgrade with MS SQL Server

SAP Note 2270898 MSS: Additional Information # Software Update Manager 1.0 SP17
SAP Note 2200892 MSS: Additional Information – Software Update Manager 1.0 SP16






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