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Welcome to the SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) topic. This is the BPX/SDN WIKI starting point for topics around Supply Chain Management. Feel free to create and correct entries.
SAP Supply Chain Management is a complete solution that covers supply chain networking, supply chain planning, supply chain coordination, and SCE (Supply Chain Execution). It includes a collection of planning applications related to Advanced Planning, Optimization, Scheduling and Integration with other SAP execution applications. The primary applications are separeted as SAP General Areas, SAP Supply Network Collaboration (SNC), SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), SCM Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO), SAP EDS and EIS, SCM Forecasting and Replenishment (FRE), SAP Transportation Management (TM) and Integrated Business Planning (IBP).

Disclaimer: Content Accuracy is assured as much as possible. Discretion advised.

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