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  • Introduce background alert determination.
  • This test case presents a scenario about how to save APO alert situations into .xls file format to a folder.
  • (If the system setup allows it, the Saved Alert Situations can be exported to an excel sheet automatically to a folder or sent via mail).
  • The scenario introduces how to proceed if the same alert profile's situation needs to be saved on different dates coming one after another.
  1. We have an Overall Alert Profile for testing. (ALERT_DB_PB)
  2. Use /N/SAPAPO/AMON1 transaction to display the current alerts.
  3. Now lets set up the Alert Profile for background determination:
    Go To /N/SAPAPO/AMON1 / Favorite Management / Background processing tab
  4. Create an entry with your chosen Overall Profile and fill the required fields.
    Here you can as well set up an ''E-mail'' address and ''Directory'', where the saved alerts will be exported. This requires basis level settings (RFC Connection, access to local directories)
  5. Go to transaction /n/sapapo/amo_batch
    Define your selected alert profile and execute the report.
  6. Go back to //AMON1 to check ''Saved Alert Situations''
  7. Choose ''Export'' button / Spreasheet
  8. Choose format
  9. After that define directory folder to where you wish to save the file.
  10. The file is available in your folder.


  • Suggestion for setting up a sequence of saved alert situatuon (eg. Daily/Weekly situations):
  • You can set up multiple identically setup overall alert profiles with different names (eg. WEEK_1, WEEK_2, WEEK_3), get them ready for background processing, then order them in a sequence - which one when to execute.
  • The saved results will be separated and displayed by names in this case. There is no option to save alert situations for the same alert profile in a sequence because of the following technical reasons.
  • The alert situations are saved into the /SAPAPO/AMSAFTY by  FM /SAPAPO/ATAB_TABLE_UPDATE. If an entry is already existing in the table with the alert profile name, then the FM performs a change statement.
  • The actual alert entries are saved into generated tables with pattern /SCMB/AMOB* (the table name is referred from /SAPAPO/AMSAFTY)
  • The entries in /SAPAPO/AMSAFTY table are differed based on ALERT_SET field - which makes them unique.


Additional information:

  • To delete Saved Alert Situations please use the ''Information'' button and the ''bin'' object.


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