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The Days' Supply specifies how long the available quantity can cover the expected requirements. It indicates in days how long it takes until the available quantity becomes negative. This page explains how the days’ supply configured and calculated with an example.

Table of Contents 

Relevant customizing

1.Define Days' Supply Types

Days' Supply Types are defined in the following customizing:

It can also be displayed via transaction /SAPAPO/RRP_CVTYP.

Here you can specify which order types (ATP categories of stocks, receipts, requirements and forecasts) are taken into account for the calculation of the days' supply (see table /SAPAPO/CVT02). We have 2 Days' Supply types delivered by SAP: SAP1 contains stock, requirements and forecasts, SAP2 contains additionally receipts. SAP1 is called Stock Days' Supply; SAP2 is called the Receipt Days' Supply. You can see the difference in receipts categories:

2.Assign Days’ Supply Types

The setting from alert profile is prior to the customizing from user settings. In this example, as the Days’ Supply type is blank in alert profile, we take the Days’ Supply type from user settings.

3. Define Alert Threshold in Product Master

As of SAP SCM 4.1 the system uses the Alert Threshold for early receipts and the Alert Threshold for delayed receipts from the location-dependent product master to calculate the days' supply. When calculating the days' supply, the system determines the first requirement whose receipt violates the Alert Threshold for too early/too late receipts.

The Alert Threshold is defined in Product Master -> Demand -> Pegging:

Example in Days’ Supply Calculation without Alert Threshold 

Example 1: Days’ Supply calculation with type SAP1

In /SAPAPO/RRP3, we can see the current time is 06.08.2015 03:37:32. Until requirement on 11.08.2015, stock is not enough to cover the requirement. So the Days’ supply value is 11.08.2015 12:00:00 - 06.08.2015 03:37:32 = 5.35 days.  

Example 2: Days’ Supply calculation with type SAP2

In /SAPAPO/RRP3, we can see the current time is 06.08.2015 03:39:31. Until requirement on 13.08.2015, stock and receipts are not enough to cover the requirement. So the Days’ supply value is 13.08.2015 12:00:00 - 06.08.2015 03:39:31 = 7.35 days.  


Example in Days’ Supply Calculation with Alert Threshold 

Example 1: Alert Threshold for earliness

We set Alert Threshold for earliness to be 24hours:  This is defined in Product Master -> Demand -> Pegging.

In this example, all receipts can not cover the requirement within 24 hours. Therefore,  the 1st requirement is on 07.08.2015 12:00:00 is used to calculate the Days' supply, which is 07.08.2015 12:00:00 – 06.08.2015 03:56:09  = 1.34 days.

Example 2: Alert Threshold for lateness

We set Alert Threshold for lateness to be 24hours:

and change receipts situation as in next pic. In this example, receipts on 09.09.2015 17:00:00 can not cover the requirement (12.08.2015 12:00:00) within 24 hours:


 We can also verify this in pegging view:

so the requirement on 12.08.2015 is used to calculate the days’ supply which is 12.08.2015 12:00:00 - 06.08.2015 04:56:46 =  6.29 days.


  1. The Days’ Supply calculation was done without taking the calendar into consideration. With BAdI /SAPAPO/RRP_COVPARAM the logic can be changed.  
  2. Until SAP APO 4.0 the days' supply was calculated taking into account the Maximum Allowed Earliness or Lateness for a Receipt Element from the location-dependent product master. With BAdI /SAPAPO/RRP_COVPARAM the logic from 4.0 can be recovered.

Important notes

Note 1027082 - BAdI for calculation of days' supply in product view
Note 970081 - The Days' Supply/receipt is not shown according to calendar
Note 439379 - PPT: Explanation: Days' supply in periodic view

SAP KBA 1811202 - Product view: Display the fields Days' Supply and Selection Rule at the same time
SAP KBA 1894949 - Fixed pegging affects Days' Supply calculation
SAP KBA 1906589 - Days' Supply Type at the Product View and PPT when Alert Profile is set 

Important Functions

In /SAPAPO/RRP3, element tab, the calculation of the values on top of the screen (fields /SAPAPO/RRPIO-cover1 to cover3) is done in Livecache. The function module  /SAPAPO/RRP_CALC_COVERAGE calls /SAPAPO/OM_RANGE_OF_COVER_GET to determine the data.

Online documentation:

SAP Help Calculation of Days' Supply