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This page illustrates how to create Product master data in the APO system.


/N/SAPAPO/MAT1 – create/change/display APO products/materials

-Product Name:

-View: Global Data



-Add mandatory values (Unit of Measurement, Prod.  Descr.)



Now you have created a Global Product.

Location Product

LocationProduct is a combination of an APO Product and a Location.


Enter a Product either an existing or a non-existing one + a Location.

Then Create:



Comparing to the Global View there is a difference in the field labels. A locationproduct is used for a lot of planning functions therefore has relevant fields for these input parameters:


....While the Global view has only..:



From the point of master data tables it means that a MATLOC ID has been created for this productlocation combination. This is reflected in the /SAPAPO/MATLOC table where additional fields are available.

Model assignment:

Model is the basis for all SCM planning functions. The overall supply chain model covers all areas of the chain from the supplier's supplier to the customer's customer, and is determined by importing the relevant data objects from source systems into SCM. It is modelled in the Supply Chain Engineer (/SAPAPO/SCC07), a component of the Supply Chain Cockpit. The supply chain model contains master data (such as: locations, products, resources production process models) and data relevant to transportation lanes.

So for planning reasons the model is a pre-condition when it comes to using LocationProduct for planning purposes. Most of the time the Model is the Active model 000.

Steps to assign a LocationProduct to a Model:

We need to assign your location first

- /n/sapapo/loc3

- Enter Location parameters
- Click: Assign Model
- Select line: 000 – Active Model
- Assign, then Confirm
- Confirm


 - Enter Product and Location Numbers
 - Click Assign model at the Menu bar
 - Select line: 000 – Active Model
 - Assign, then Confirm
 - Confirm

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Model assignment of several object can be done in transaction /n/sapapo/scc07.

1. Create a Work Area for the model
2. Change
3. Under the map, select ''Work Area'' tab > ''Add objects''
4. Fill selection criteria and ''Run'' , then Save.

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