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Purpose : The following reports can be used for Transportation Lane batch creation/change and deletion.


Reports are avaliable from SE38 transaction:

/SAPAPO/TR_TRPROD_MASSMAINT - Mass Maintanance Product Specific Tr. Lanes

/SAPAPO/TR_TRPRODV_MASSMAINT - Mass Maintanance Version Dependent Product Specific Tr. Lanes

/SAPAPO/TR_TRM_MASSMAINT - Mass Maintanance Means of Transport Vehicles on Transportation Lanes

/SAPAPO/TR_TRMCARR_MASSMAINT - Mass Maintanance of Transportation Service Providers for MoT.

/SAPAPO/TR_TRPRODM_MASSMAINT - Mass Maintanance Product Specific MoT.



How these reports work:

/SAPAPO/TR_TRPROD_MASSMAINT -> Block Indicator / Lock Flag setting for more than one products in a T-Lane



2) Before Job: BOOK_PROD1 – Block Indicator: AVAILABLE

   Before Job: BOOK_PROD2 – Block Indicator: AVAILABLE

3) Now go to: SE38:  /SAPAPO/TR_TRPROD_MASSMAINT and execute the report – it will take you to the input parameters screen.

4) Input Screen of /SAPAPO/TR_TRPROD_MASSMAINT: Add criteria as below then execute

5) Set Lock indicator as input parameter (This is a post-selection screen in case you have defined many parameters in a variant, but you only need to achieve specified parameter changes this time. In this scenario only Lock Indicator is desired)

6) After the “Tick” you will receive a Changed entries screen:

7) You can still double check your job results in //SCC_TL1

After job: BOOK_PROD1: Block Indicator – Locked and Flagged for Deletion

BOOK_PROD2 : Block Indicator – Locked and Flagged for Deletion


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