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The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of the system logic and requirements in relation to SCM APO Calendar.


Transaction code: /SAPAPO/CALENDAR

BASIS calendar T-code: SCAL


Database table: for calculated periods per Time Stream ID: /SAPAPO/TCALPERI

Report: ZZTSTRREGENERATE basis level Time Stream generation: table TTSTR etc.

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Latest released SAP Correction Notes and other notes:

2110751 - Unexpected dates returned for planning calendar
2394384 - /SAPAPO/CALENDAR generates overlapping time streams
2333013 - Period calculation does not respect manually fixed periods
2344989 - /SAPAPO/CALENDAR: Weekday description wrong if calendar definition differs from ISO 8601
2352513 - F4-help on calendar day wrong if calendar definition differs from ISO 8601
2404052 -  /SAPAPO/TIMESTREAM_UPDATE deletes all periods
2441528 - /SAPAPO/CALENDAR: Wrong calculation of weekday if calendar definition differs from ISO 8601
2462541 -  /SAPAPO/CALENDAR generates only every second period
2314293 - Daylight Saving Time changes cause time to be out by one hour in US and Canada
919538 - Daylight saving time start/end in USA and Canada as of 2007
2019416 - Date after end of factory calendar, FSBP_CHECK_FACTORY_CALENDAR obsolete
2401291 - CONVERT TIME STAMP: Incorrect calculation

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