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APO General - Frequently Asked Questions


These are the frequently asked questions for APO (not specific to any module).



This FAQ is moderated by Somnath Manna.

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Functional Questions

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Does dynamic alerts show up in Alert Monitor?

Dynamic Alerts do not show up in the stand-alone alert monitor. Network alerts are to show pegging relationships.

What is the report to execute MASSD?

The report for executing MassD in background job is MASSBACK.

What is the shortcut to change location type in APO?

Report /SAPAPO/CHECK_LOCATION_TYPE can be used to change location type (say from 1001 to 1002 or vice-versa) of existing locations in APO. The table to refer is /SAPAPO/LOCMAP. SAP does not recommend this process.

How can a transaction be executed even when no authorization?

SE93 - Transaction code for Transaction Code E.g. CRC1 Create Resource has txn code CRAH. So if you do not have authorization to create resource you can use SE93 and enter transaction CRAH and then Test F8 button to go to the transaction.

How to copy a Process Chain?

To copy a process chain to another process chain, goto the Process Chain you want to copy and then type copy in the tool tar and hit enter. It will allow you to copy the Process Chain to another Process Chain that can be modified as per user's requirement, saved, activated and used.

What is the process to copy planning versions in R/3?

Use OLIX to first delete previous MRP planning versions. Then use MCB& to create the new MRP planning versions by choosing the appropriate version you want to create as ICO Version. The info structure in this case is S094.

How to configure email in SCM system?

Configuring email in SCM

What about SCM Certification?

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