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APO SNP - Frequently Asked Questions


These are the frequently asked questions for APO Supply Network Planning. 



This FAQ is moderated by Somnath Manna.

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Functional Questions

Technical Questions

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Answers to Functional Questions

How can a planning version be frozen and unfrozen?

A Planning Version cannot be frozen and unfrozen using Function Module /SAPAPO/TS_PAREA_VERSIO_FREEZE so that no further changes to the planning version can be done. This is done by default on ECC 6.0.

What is Release Profile?

Release Profile is used to release data from DP to SNIP/PPDS. You need to define the DP Planning Area and timeseries keyfigure the data in which is released and the SNP Category Type (typically FAQ) to which data is released. You may maintain a Daily Buckets Profile it will define the number of working days (working days determined based on Shipping Calendar maintained for the location master) starting on and from the From Date if released online/ interactively or that many workdays of the planning horizon when release is carried out in background. The Period Split (blank, 1 and 2) field in the SNPE tab of location-product master detrmines how demand plan is released to SNP from DP (how bucketed data is disaggregated to the workdays).

What is the usage of Period Factor?

Period Factor maintained in the SNP PPM or Transportation Lane determines the Availability Date of a Receipt element within a time bucket (period). The system determines the exact availability date/time of the receipt elements within a period, by adding a time interval (that it gets by multiplying the period factor with the period length) to the start time of the period. You can enter a factor between 0 and 1, where 0 is the start of the period, 0.5 the middle, and 1 the end of the period. When calculating the availability date/time, the system takes into consideration all weekdays, meaning that it does not take into consideration any days that have been defined as non-workdays in the calendars.
Period Factor used is .7 = 7x0.71 = 4.47 or 5 days from start of weekly bucket resulting in a Sunday.
If Period Factor is not maintained in PP or Transportation Lane then the User Period Factor indicator and the Period Factor value maintained in the Lot Size tab of the location-product combination is used. If this is not maintained a default value of 0.6 is used.

Note that for SNP the Period Factor is only used by the Heuristic Functions, the Optimizer uses the Bucket Offset instead.

What determines stock categories displayed in Stock on Hand keyfigure?

The categories defined in Category Group SP1 (can be maintained in table /SAPAPO/APOCG) determine the stock categories that are displayed in the Initial bucket in the Stock on Hand keyfigure. Subsequent buckets are dynamically computed.
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