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APO - Transportation Planning

Welcome to the APO-TPVS page.

Transportation Planning and Vehicle Scheduling
This is the link to configuration guide in SCM Best Practices.

Building Block of TP/VS :

Useful OSS Notes

566319 Composite SAP consulting note APO TP/VS
448487 Transportation planning: Integration of R/3 and APO
501352 APO: Settings for TPVS (/sapapo/vs_ecust)
529813 Resource selection in /sapapo/vs01
538147 APO: Process flow BOP - TPVS including monitor/functions
362445 Effects of doc changes in R/3 on APO shipments
379846 Vehicle Scheduling TPVS Order Category Selection
378497 Maintenance of vehicle/shipmnt groups compatibility
388499 Use of the transportation zones
415477 Customizing for XML details in APO Coll. Transport. Planning
445118 Transportation service provider selection
441206 Optimizer does not generate any transports
439577 Data selection using locations in the TPVS
457905 Combining transport units for optimization
483257 Own/third-party means of transport
483297 Use of schedules in TP/VS
491423 Taking account of desired delivery time in VSR Optimizer
528204 Error message: Error in the planning board profile
944365 Continuous move: Recalculate external costs
624619 Implementing user filtering of orders in TP/VS
645284 Stock transport orders (BOM7) w/ deliveries from APO
952596 Loading/unloading time determination in TP/VS
910450 Transportation allocation: Changing the planning period
830673 Some consulting issues when handling alert monitor
625755 Performance in TP/VS: using new shipment structure
1039875 Usage of handling resources in DRD
1072414 Historical Business Share for Carrier Selection
689101 Collective consulting note on Optimization
886644 SCM APO Optimizer 4.x - 64 Bit
847234 TP/VS Optimization consulting

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