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 This article applies to SAP technology or product release ECC 6.0 .

In these page explian about how to attach a design diagram in material master.generally attaching diagram in two ways.

1) In material master(mm01)

2)cretae document(cv01n).


Company:   Kaavian systems 
Created on:   feb-o6-2010
Author(s) Bio
I have over 5 years of experience in the education and IT industry with emphasis on the various modules like MM,SD,PM,WM and AFS business scenorios. For the past two years i am working as a Associate Consulatant -SAP pratice in kaavian systems

1) Below steps explain clearly about how to attach diagram in material master.

step1:Go to MM01 Transaction and select a system in the menu bar ->services for object  is there. If  you  select the create attachment tab and attach your material photo and drawing.

step2:once you attached  you can view the digaram by clicking the attachment symbol.It list out all the attachment of the material.if you want see the diagram in sales order you go to environment in menu bar and click the display material you can view the diagram.

2) Below steps explain clearly about how to attach diagram in documnet(cv01n).

 step1: Go  to cv01n  transaction ,give the document name and its type

 step2:go to object links tab and choose the material master tab and inside the tab add your material.

step3:once your material added go to document data tab and attach your diagram in the document.
once you attached   you can view the diagram  in  PM related transactions.

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