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  1. We have an Overall Alert Profile for testing. (ALERT_DB_PB)
  2. Use /N/SAPAPO/AMON1 transaction to display the current alerts.
  3. Now lets set up the Alert Profile for background determination:
    Go To /N/SAPAPO/AMON1 / Favorite Management / Background processing tab
  4. Create an entry with your chosen Overall Profile and fill the required fields.
    Here you can as well set up an ''E-mail'' address and ''Directory'', where the saved alerts will be exported. This requires basis level settings (RFC Connection, access to local directories)
  5. Go to transaction /n/sapapo/amo_batch
    Define your selected alert profile and execute the report.
  6. Go back to //AMON1 to check ''Saved Alert Situations''
  7. Choose ''Export'' button / Spreasheet
  8. Choose format
  9. After that define directory folder to where you wish to save the file.
  10. The file is available in your folder.


  • Suggestion for setting up a sequence of saved alert situatuon (eg. Daily/Weekly situations):
  • You can set up multiple identically setup overall alert profiles with different names (eg. WEEK_1, WEEK_2, WEEK_3), get them ready for background processing, then order them in a sequence - which one when to execute.
  • The saved results will be separated and displayed by names in this case. There is no option to save alert situations for the same alert profile in a sequence because of the following technical reasons.
  • The alert situations are saved into the /SAPAPO/AMSAFTY by  FM /SAPAPO/ATAB_TABLE_UPDATE. If an entry is already existing in the table with the alert profile name, then the FM performs a change statement.
  • The actual alert entries are saved into generated tables with pattern /SCMB/AMOB* (the table name is referred from /SAPAPO/AMSAFTY)
  • The entries in /SAPAPO/AMSAFTY table are differed based on ALERT_SET field - which makes them unique.


Additional information:

  • To delete Saved Alert Situations please use the ''Information'' button and the ''bin'' object.

Sending alert situations via email notification:

  1. Assign set up the email address, and the alert profile in /N/SAPAPO/AMONMSG transaction
  2. Send the alerts with report /SAPAPO/AMON_MAIL_BROADCAST
  3. Ideally the type and amount of alerts with an URL link arrives within a few minutes to the email address  

If not, check the followings:

  • to use the ''new ITS'' ICFSERVLOC table > AMON_STATIST (service name)> ICFACTIVE > set to active "X" by manually maintaining the table: ICFSERVLOC or with report RSICF_SERVICE_ACTIVATION  (
  • Can you see the send emails in SOST transaction?
  • Do you receive any meaningful warning / error messages?
  •  Check: 2593171 - Error XS806 "No delivery to ..., invalid recipient address" with long text message "550 5.7.1 Unable to relay" occurs while sending mail through SMTP
  • contact the email server's administrator to establish connection between SAP and the email server.


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