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Please note that you need SAP Service Marketplace access in order to access these documents.


Guide / CookbookContent Overview

High-Performance Warehouse Management for Retailers (SAP EWM 7.00)


Detailed technical insights on SAP EWM process configuration setup, applied technical optimizations and test scenarios used for the proof of technology and performance tests for the retail industry.

Configuring ITSmobile for SAP EWM RFUI: How-To Guide


This document describes the settings you must make to set up EWM to work with graphic-based mobile devices. To get an overview of the technology see the ITSmobile.

RF Cookbook


This RF cookbook helps developers to begin working in the RF framework. It answers frequently asked questions and helps to avoid common errors. This RF cookbook also provides some useful tips about the standard layout and screen structure that should be applied in the standard transactions.

ITS mobile visual editor

The ITSmobile Visual Editor is a part of ITSmobile. It introduces the following features:

o Screen elements can be freely arranged on screen

o Positions and dimensions of screen elements are set absolute based on unity pixels (px)

o All styling of screen elements is based on web standard Cascading Style sheets (CSS)

o Allows to hide individual screen elements on resulting HTML page without the need to change the underlying ABAP screen.




How to build a voice enabled transaction in EWM. This cookbook will explain which parts in EWM and ITS are used to create the voice enabled transaction.
Easy Graphics Framework Implementation Guide

Steps and customizing settings to use the Easy Graphics Framework to create your warehouse cockpits, data charts and monitors.

EWM Info Package: Quality Inspection Engine

An overview of how to enable QM functions in SAP EWM with the Quality Inspection Engine.

SAP Plant Connectivity Configuration Guide for SAP Extended Warehouse ManagementHow To Guide for Connecting External Devices to the Material Flow System (MFS) of SAP EWM using PCo Socket Agents

Delivery Service Provider in SAP-EWM: Call Examples


A guide on the Delivery Service Provider: architecture, examples of interfaces, and how the delivery service provider is used in the code.

Transaction Handling in SAP EWM


A guide to support custom development in SAP EWM and what to consider when building transactions with EWM objects.

How to Display an ALV Table as a Crystal report

How to enable display of SAP EWM ALV reports as an SAP Crystal report

How to Add Application Content to the Warehouse Management Monitor


This document provides you with examples how the content of the EWM warehouse management

monitor can be enhanced and adjusted to fulfill your business needs.

How to Integrate EWM with BWThis document explains the setup of a connection between EWM and SAP NetWeaver BW (BW) based on the SAP NetWeaver 7.31 documentation Data Warehousing: Step by Step.

How to Use PPF in EWM


The intention is to give consultants and power users sufficient insight into the PPF to configure processes in SAP EWM.

How to Configure an Additional Preconfigured
Warehouse Using an Additional Plant

If you have already set up the standard EWM warehouse with preconfigured processes and now want to add an additional warehouse you use this guide you use this guide.

How to Configure Outbound Process with Full Pallet Removal and SCO

If you have already set up the standard EWM warehouse with preconfigured processes and now want to test the removal of pallets, cartons, and pieces from the preconfigured warehouse (small/large quantity removal) and use the shipping cockpit for TU planning and execution you use this guide.

Prerequisite: SAP EWM 9.1

How to Configure Outbound Process with Several Routes, SCO, and DAS

If you have already set up the standard EWM warehouse with preconfigured processes and now want to test the integration of the shipping cockpit with SAP Dock Appointment Scheduling you use this guide.

Prerequisite: SAP EWM 9.1

How to Enhance the Shipping Cockpit


This guide provides you with an overview of the main enhancement possibilities available for the Shipping Cockpit and some step-by-step procedures for common requirements.

Prerequisite: SAP EWM 9.1

How To Configure Production IntegrationIf you have already set up the standard EWM warehouse with preconfigured processes and now want to test the EWM production integration you use this guide.
How to Configure Quarantine Scenarios with EWM

Prerequisite: SAP EWM 9.1

How to set up, use and extend exception code to exclude goods from packing

The exception code is used to handle products at the packing station that should not be shipped to customers due to damage or pick errors.You use this guide to configure the process.

Prerequisite: SAP EWM 9.1

Configuration of Direct Integration of Outbound Warehousing and TransportationIt is described how to configure the direct integration between SAP Transportation Management (TM) and SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM). You can use this process test case in order to test the integration in a sandbox system.
Point-to-Point integration between EWM and TM w/o PIAttached to SAP note 1978857 is a guide how to integrate SAP TM with SAP EWM using point-to-point (P2P) communication via the Web Service Reliable Messaging (WS/RM) protocol instead of a mediated communication via the XI/PI protocol and SAP Process Integration (SAP PI)
How to Configure warehouse BillingAttached herewith the configuration guide for warehouse Billing
Configuration Guide for Advanced Production IntegrationYou can use this business scenario to tightly integrate warehouse execution with manufacturing operations using SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) and SAP ERP. When large quantities are produced and the execution of a manufacturing order stretches for several hours, you stage components pallet-wise (handling unit after handing unit) from the warehouse to production supply areas as they are required for manufacturing operations, and consume them pallet-wise or piece by piece from the production supply area. You receive finished or semi-finished goods pallet-wise and put them away as they arrive on a conveyor line from production into the warehouse
Basic Integrated Quality Inspection Process Using SAP Extended Warehouse Management and Quality Management in SAP ERPThis how-to guide describes the basic setup of an integrated quality inspection process using SAP EWM and the QM component of SAP ERP.



An alternative path to access these documents is starting the SAP Help Portal for EWM:

Click on SAP EWM 9.0.

Click on Additional Information.

Navigate to How-To Guides.

Open folder 03_Technical Information.

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