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This page provides common error messages and their resolutions regarding Geo-coding customizing.


Please see below regular issues and error messages with their resolutions: 

  • Error: "No geocoder for country ... " GEOCODING005

Resolution: GEOT005 and GEOCODERS tables must be manually filled with corresponding country code values.

SPRO -> Netviewer -> General Settings -> Set Geocoding -> Process Geographical Data for Countries =  V_GEOT005

SPRO -> Netviewer -> General Settings -> Set Geocoding -> Assign Geocoding Program To Countries = GEOCODERS

SAP note: 1042341 + (Bonaire BQ, Curaçao CW, Sint Maarten SX - These country data are defined in the note)

  • Error: ... Business partner creation fails due to unfilled Geocoding tables...

Resolution SAP note:  593699 - ZGEO_SYNCHRONIZE


  • Error message: "Geocoder SAPO: Country not specified completely (Customizing)" GEOCODING002
  • Error message: "The time zone could not be determined for this address (geo-coder &1)."

Resolution SAP note: 553073


  • Error message:  "Geocoder SAP0: Country specification is incomplete (Customizing)" GEOCODING002

Resolution SAP :  Make sure that the country code exists in T005, T005T tables, and V_GEOT005 view, afterwards you can run report advised in Note:


  • Error message:  "Internal error in IGS1, DE. RFC: Connection error Destination: IGS_RFC_DEST1" Messsage no. GEOCODING004

Resolution SAP note: 1595770