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This Page provides you with information about Business Partner and Location integration to SCM using the Core Interface.


  1. SCM Location

  2. Business Partner:

    Transaction: BP

    DB Table (SE16): BUT000 - BP: General data I > BUT000-BU_PARTNER - Business Partner Number

    DB Table (SE16): BUT0ID - BP: ID Numbers     > BUT0ID-BU_ID_TYPE
    Identification Type e.g.  CRM002 = Customer  CRM004 = Vendor CRM011 = Plant
    BU_ID_NUMBER - Identification Number

    DB Table (SE16): BUT020 - BP: Addresses  (Connected to ADRC - Addresses /Business Address Services/ and to GEOLOC - Geo location tables)
  3. BUT020-ADDRNUMBER - Address Number
  4. BUT020-PARTNER - Business Partner Number


CIF transfer of Customers connected to Vendors (from ECC to SCM/EWM):

ERP side manual implementation requirement,SMOD = CIFLOC01: If you transfer Customers connected to Vendors from ECC to SCM under the same BP number you need to manually implement the following note in order to have CRM002 and CRM004 ID types parallel under the same BP number. Otherwise the Vendor ID Type will override the Customers ID Type during a transfer. The manual coding step from below notes are necessary to retain the customer and vendor ID on the same time.

Note 1661867 - Prerequisite at ECC side CIFLOC01 example  (the note details a sample code, that needs manual implementation via SMOD transaction enhancement CIFLOC01 > Components > EXIT_SAPLCLOC_002  > zxcifu09)

The sample code facilitates that Customer Number (KUNNR) will always be transferred together with the Vendor, so the /SAPAPO/CIF_BP_INBOUND function will create the CRM002 along with CRM004.

Note 1661932 - Prerequisite at SCM side (already exists from SCM_BASIS 70012, 70108, 70203 and above SPs/EhPs → in this case, implementation is unnecessary)

(In case of one or both User Exit implementations are missing R11186 error can occur during a vendor/customer CIF transfer - also, make sure the standard implementation of SMOD_APOCF038 is NOT active, or Custom Code is added correctly as it can cause the error in case of the above are set up already)



Basic settings when transferring BP and or Location from ECC to SCM:

At ECC side CFM1 Transaction in case of Location selection you can define if you need to transfer only BPs or only Locations or both.



The above settings are reflected in the code: /SAPAPO/CIF_LOC_INBOUND

Note: BP_MODE parameter (iv_locbp) is filled in ERP outbound in case of initial transfer only. During change transfer it is never filled. Therefore it is filled only at APO side (if_bp_mode) also only in case of an initial transfer.


SCM Side:

The data receiver function module is /SAPAPO/CIF_LOC_INBOUND. The vendor/customer numbers can be checked in the variable: IT_CIF_LOC[] 

If the data transfer is BP relevant then the location record is mapped to a Business Partner record at CALL FUNCTION '/SAPAPO/BP_MAP_LOC2BP'. Main BP variable: LT_CIF_BP

The following enhancement BAdis can be manually implemented from transaction SE18. Both of them are called during the /SAPAPO/CIF_LOC_INBOUND Function Module and /SAPAPO/CIF_BP_INBOUND Function Module.

These BAdis are facilitating the BP/Location number differentiation eg. add prefixes to Customer or Vendor numbers. The SMOD_APOCF038 has to be used as well when more identification type belongs to one business partner (Customer and Vendor). See: ''CIF transfer of Customers connected to Vendors (from ECC to SCM/EWM)''

SMOD_APOCF001 , Inbound Processing: Location

Based on SAP Note: 1572266 - additional Roles and Identifications can be assigned to a location type.


SMOD_APOCF038 , Inbound Processing of Business Partners


The Business Partner creation can still be enhanced with Enhancement Spot:


This is called through the path FM /SAPAPO/CIF_BP_INBOUND  > /SAPAPO/BP_MAINTAIN_CIF > CALL BADI badi_change->change_bp

Plausibility check for BP addresses when using CIF:

  • During transfer of a business partner (eg. customer) from ERP to SCM/EWM via CIF, error message: R1286 ''Business partner * already exists'' appear in the CIF inbound queue (SMQ2 transaction) and the BP update is failed. 

  • This usually occur when a customer and a vendor have the same number (name) but their addresses are different. In this case the two objects cannot be represented as one BP in EWM. Their number must be distinguished with e.g. prefixes.

    If the vendor and customer intended to be the same entity:
  • First thing to check is the "Street" and "City" fields of the address in the XK03 and XD03 transactions in ERP side and the BP transaction in SCM/EWM side. They need to be identical for the specified BP. Otherwise the plausibility check will sort out the BP and the update will be not allowed. 1354245 - Transferring the same busines partner into SCM
  • Before reaching the method, a check is done on BP identifications. The method is only processed when there is an intention to insert/update/delete a new identification to the BP (BUT0ID).
    • The comparison is done on BUT0ID table level for Partner Number / Identification Type / Institute (LOGSYS) fields. These fields must be the same in the existing BUT0ID entry, than the data in the CIF transfer.
  • If the address of a customer/vendor is changed at ERP, and the BP will have the same identification (CRM002 or CRM004) then the code is not processed, the BP address can be changed accordingly via the CIF process.
  • Recommendation is to adjust the addresses at SCM BP transaction, manually, to match the address of the ECC system and then re-transfer the CIF model.

Business Partner Type and Title change when using CIF:

  • If you receive error message in the SMQ2 transaction's inbound queue: R11126 BP category &1 does not fit the data in category &2

      • Maybe the Business Patner Type (eg. from Organization to Person or vice-verse) has been changed in ERP and  was attempted to be transferred to SCM via CIF. This is not allowed. The business partner has to be deleted and re-created to achieve this scenario.
      • If the type is for some reason empty in SCM, then the note 2069995 will allow to add an initial type, so please implement if not yet added to the system SP.
      • Apply SAP Note: 2573690 - CIF error - business partner type/title
  • If you receive error message in the SMQ2 transaction's inbound queue: R1230 Form of address &1 not designated for persons or R1231 Form of address &1 not designated for Organizations or R1069 Form of address &1 not intended for Groups.
      • It is possible that the Title of the Business Partner has been changed in ERP and you tried to transfer it to SCM via CIF. Recommendation, when it is possible, delete and re-create the BP at SCM/EWM side with the updated Title. Usually the Type: ''Organization'' and Title:''Company'' go hand in hand, but this can be changed. It is possible to maintain the customizing of table: TSAD3 via SA03 transaction. The flag needs to be added to the matrix table for the wished BP title and type. The title is checked by function module: BUP_CHECK_ADDRESSTERM_ID.
  • See also: 2462700 - Not able to change BP type after creation 

Other possible error messages:

  • In case of AM130 error (language key is not defined) during CIF transfer of BPs/locations please check the suggestions below in order:
    • 2179409 - AM 130 error during Business Partner CIF transfer
    • Check the T002 table both at ERP side and SCM and make sure that they are in sync.
    • Check if both the ERP and SCM systems are in sync from the aspect of Unicode/Non-Unicode encoding and make sure that the ''RFC user'' is set so, otherwise the data can contain irrelevant characters like ''#''-s.
    • 1941160 - Error - Language key not defined during CIF
  • Error message: /SAPAPO/LOM023 can occur due to various errors occurred in address level problems at first place. In this case the address fields need to be checked if they are matching at ERP and SCM side, or the expectation to transfer the address fields are correct.
  • 2582302 - Country key is not defined AM214 message during integration of customer/vendor via CIF
  • Message: MDMCP003: Geschäftspartner &1: keine Anlage mit dieser externen Nummer moeglich. (852911-You receive the message MDMCP 003. The process of creating a)
    Diagnosis: An attempt was made to post a business partner with an externally specified partner ID. However, this partner ID does not exist in an external number range.
    System Response: The action is terminated, and the BP cannot be created with this number.
    Procedure: You can correct the error using one of the following methods:
    - In the case of an error in the sending system, change the specified partner ID.
    - Create an external grouping that contains the specified number.
    - This can be done, for example, using transaction SM30 with view V_TB001.
  • 1294305 - Form of address message: AM117 and R1210 during CIF transfer of Business Partner

  • For any CIF transfer related error messages, that are not detailed in the SMQ2 transaction, you can search in transaction SLG1 with the object: ''CIFSCM''
  • For message R1086 or R1084 or R1085  ''Business Partner * is currently being processed''   these are the possible root causes:

    • Two integration models including the same BP are triggered at the same time (e.g. after collecting more changes on a BP in CFM1 and starting them the same time)

    • It is actually the case what the message says": 'Business partner xxx is currently locked by you' (R1 086), meaning that a User is editing the Business Partner in the BP transaction UI in change mode therefore the object is locked, and CIF updates can not be processed. In this case, make sure that during the CIF the BP is not maintained, or restart the failed queues later.

    • It is also possible that the BP is existing more times in the integration model e.g. as a vendor and as a customer. The data for one object still being processed while the other tries to edit. In this case separate the customer integration model from vendor model.

    • (If other integration models are stopped due to this error: In case of using report RIMODAC2, the flag 'Ignore Faulty Queue Entries' can be set (if not already) to avoid terminating transfers due to other failed queues.)

    • Implement SAP Note: 2768334 - Business partner temporary locked create RETRY queues instead of SYSFAIL queues
  • Message no. /SAPAPO/LOM060 - The location number (/SAPAPO/LOC-LOCNO to be integrated already exist in the system. Use SMOD_APOCF_001 BAdi (SE18) to add a prefix or postfix to the LOCNO. /SAPAPO/LOCMAP table can distinguish entries based on LOCTYPE so the SCM system can refer to the same EXT_LOCNO several times.

  • No location * exists for mapping entry * of cat. * BSG * Message no. /SAPAPO/LOM077  -  No mapping entry for *** Message no. /SAPAPO/LOM007 > These errors reflect to the locations.

    1. Check whether the Current Business System Group (/SAPAPO/SYSDIR) matches the Business System Group for the existing location (/SAPAPO/LOCMAP-LOGQS).

    2. Check whether the transferred LOCTYPE matches the existing location's LOCTYPE (SAPAPO/LOCMAP-LOCTYPE). If not, e.g. when a Vendor and the Cusotmer refers to the same number in ERP, then their /SAPAPO/LOC-LOCNO must be differentiated with a prefix. (SMOD_APOCF001 BADI > CL_IM_APOCF001_TYPEDIF CIF_SCMB_USER )

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- In SMQ2 - Message no. R11123
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In case of address related error messages in the /SAPAPO/CIF_LOC_INBOUND in SMQ2 transaction occur when transferring BPs from ERP to SCM eg.:''Error for validity periods of addresses Message no. R11244''. Please check the following note:

1064373 - SAP BP:Report to clear address inconsistencies BUT000<->ADR*