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To describe how to bucket capacity consumption is calculated during PDS explosion based on PDS master data


This page will describe the steps that need to be taken in order to define bucket capacity requirements for activities during PDS transfer, how to check the bucket capacity requirements in the PP/DS PDS and how Bucket Capacity Requirements are calculated during PDS Explosion in PP/DS

Table of Contents

Example Creation

Ensuring that BAdI /SAPAPO/CURTO_CREATE it active and transfering PP/DS PDS from ECC to APO

  • PP/DS Bucket Capacity Requirements are not created in standard during PDS transfer from ECC to APO. In order to create Bucket Capacity Requirements for the activities in PP/DS PDS, it is necessary to use either BAdI CUSLNTRTO_ADDIN on ECC side or BAdI /SAPAPO/CURTO_CREATE (Method CIF_IMPORT) on APO side. For this example, we will use /SAPAPO/CURTO_CREATE.
  1. Implement SAP Note 657185 - RTO: Sample code for calculating bucket consumptions 4.0 on your SCM environment. Make sure you have the latest version of the code implemented.
  2.  Execute transaction CURTO_CREATE and send the affected PDS to APO. Make sure "PDS Usage" is set to "P" (PP/DS) and that "Change Transfer" flag is not set.


Checking the PP/DS PDS and the Bucket Capacity Requirements

  1. Execute transaction /SAPAPO/CURTO_SIMU and display the PDS you just sent to APO.
  2. Go to tab Activities. Expand the Activity you would like to check to display the modes. Then, expand the mode you would like to check to display the Capacity Requirement
  • Notice that Bucket Capacity Requirement in the PDS itself does not take base quantity of the activity into account (when sample code from note 657185 is used). That is because base quantity of the activity is considered during PDS explosion when orders are created or reexploded.
  • In earlier releases/support packages, base quantity of the BOM and base quantity of the activity were considered in the sample code of PDS transfer and not during PDS explosion, however the standard behavior was modified as of SAP Note 1550237If the note can be implemented in your release / support package, please, implement it.

Creating a Planned Order at the Product View and checking Bucket Capacity Requirements

  1. Execute transaction /SAPAPO/RRP3. Specify Planning Version, Location and Product, then press enter.
  2. Once inside, enter change mode. Then, click on Create Order button and create a Planned Order.
  3. Double click the Planned Order. This will open the Order View. Once there, expand subtree Operations until you see the activity that you want to check and double click it. You can, then, see the Bucket Capacity Requirement created in the order. 
  • When the PDS was exploded, during order creation, PP/DS Bucket Capacity Requirement was calculated as described below:

PP/DS Bucket CapReq = BucketCapReq(Fix) + OrderQuantity * BucketCapReq(Var) / BaseQuantity(Activity)

  • Please, notice: if you use a custom logic in the BAdI for calculation of bucket capacity requirements during PDS transfer, you have to consider formula above to make sure that bucket capacity requirements will be created as per your requirement.
  • Please, notice: it is the Bucket Capacity Requirement which is relevant for planning in SNP. As a result, if the BAdI is not implemented and no Bucket Capacity Requirements have been defined in the PP/DS PDS, planned orders and production orders with APO Application PP/DS will not consume capacity in SNP.
  • Please, notice: if your BAdI implementation is outdated, this will result in incorrect Bucket Capacity Requirements for PP/DS orders.

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