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In SAP SNC (Supply Network Collaboration), we use Scenario Control Key for Scenario Control. In Supplier Collaboration Scenarios of SAP SNC, we need to filter the Location Product Alerts that are generated or displayed in web user Interface.

The monitors SMI (Supplier Managed Inventory) and DCM (Delivery Control Monitor) of Supplier Collaboration Scenarios displays information like the stock on hand (relevant for the Delivery Control Monitor) and for the projected stock (relevant for the SMI Monitor) etc of various Location Products and the system need to generate Alerts based on critical situations defined for those Location Products.

If a Location Product is relevant for applicable for only one Monitor and not applicable for another Monitor, we need to control the alerts and allow system to raise only relevant alerts for that Location Product. We have to use Scenario Control Key to define the Monitors in which a Location Product to be displayed and generating Alerts relevant to that Monitor.

For controlling the display in Monitors and Alerts we have to define Scenario Control Key for the Location Product in the Supplier-specific Location Product master on the SAP SNC web UI.

There are standard Scenario Control Keys defined in SAP SNC and we can assign those Scenario Control Keys to Location Products in SNC web User Interface.

The Standard Scenario Control Keys are as follows.

  • Scenario control key 0           

             The location product is displayed in the DCM and in the SMI Monitor. The system creates alerts for the location product for both stocks on hand and projected stock.

  • Scenario control key 1

         The location product is only displayed in the SMI Monitor. The system creates alerts for the location product only for projected stock.

  • Scenario control key 2

            The location product is only displayed in the DCM. The system creates alerts for the location product only for stock on hand.

  • Scenario control key 3              

             The location product is not displayed in any of the monitors. The system creates no inventory alerts for the location product.

Apart from Standard Scenario Control Keys, we can define our own Scenario Control Keys according to our requirement using the following SPRO Configuration.

SPRO-> Display IMG -> SAP-Implementation Guide -> Supply Network Collaboration -> Basic Settings -> visibility -> Define Scenario Control key

For using the standard / custom Scenario Control keys defined using the above mentioned configuration, we need to implement the Business Add-In (BADI) /SCF/BADI_SELECTION.

The BADI /SCF/BADI_SELECTION is having a standard inactive implementation /SCF/IM_DCM_SELECT available in the system, which can be used by activating the BADI Implementation for Standard Scenario Control keys. For Custom Scenario control Keys defined using above mentioned configuration, we need to make changes in the BADI Implementation.

After activating the BADI implementation, we need to assign Scenario Control keys to the Location Product using the following configuration in web UI of SNC. 
In Web UI, use the following Menu option for assigning Scenario Control Key.

Master Data -> Product -> Location Product Settings

In SMI Location Product settings, Click "Insert" Button for selecting a Supplier-Specific Location product and specifying Scenario Control Key