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In this document it is described how to create and integrate a configurable material and how to create/configure material variants within the material master.


It will be described how to create a configurable material, how to create a configuration profile, how to create and configure a material variant, how to integrate all the master data to APO and how to check the data in APO after integration. For the purpose of this cook book, we consider that the class and the characteristics have already been created in ECC and integrated to APO.

Table of Contents

Example Creation

Create a configurable material (MM01): xx_conf_mat

  1. Execute transaction MM01
  2. Enter a name for the material
  3. Select industry sector: M (mechanical engineering)
  4. Select material type: e.g. HALB (Semifinished Products)
  5. Press “Select View(s)” button

  6. Select Views Basic Data 1, Basic Data 2, Classification, MRP1, MRP2, MRP3, MRP4
  7. Press enter

  8. Specify the Plant and press enter

  9. Enter a material description
  10. Define the Base Unit of Measure
  11. Press Enter (you will be sent to Basic Data 2 tab)

  12. At the bottom of Basic Data 2, set flag Material is Configurable
  13. Press enter
  14. If a warning message appears, confirm it by pressing enter. (you will be sent to Classification tab)

  15. Assign to the Material a class that has Class Type 300 (Variants)
  16. Press F8 (you will be sent to MRP1 tab)


  17. Enter MRP Type 'X0'
  18. Enter an MRP Controller
  19. Enter a Lot-Size Procedure
  20. Press Enter (you will be sent to MRP2 tab)

  21. Enter a  number of In-House Production days
  22. Set SchedMargin Key 000
  23. Press enter (you will be sent to MRP3 tab)

  24. On MRP3 tab, set field Availability Check to KP
  25. Press enter (you will be sent to MRP4 tab)
  26. Press enter again and save the material


Create a configuration profile (CU41): xx_conf_mat

  1. Execute transaction CU41
  2. Select Material as Configurable Object and confirm the popup

  3. Enter the Material Name of your Configurable Material and press enter

  4. Enter Profile Priority (01 in the example)
  5. Enter a Profile Name
  6. Enter Class Type 300
  7. Press enter
  8. Save

Create a material variant and configure it (MM01): xx_mat_var

  1. Execute transaction MM01 and create a new Material. The steps are similar to previous section where a configurable material was created, but with a few differences
    1. Do not set the flag "Configurable Material" in Basic Data 2
  2. Determine if you want to configure the variant cross-plant or at plant level
    1. For Plant-Specific Configuration, 
      1. Go to tab MRP3 and specify the ConfigurableMaterial. Then, click on Configure Variant button

      2. Specify valuations for the characteristics
      3. Press F8

      4. You will be back at MRP3 tab. Check that Variant flag has now been set

    2. For Cross-Plant configuration, go to tab Basic Data 2 and execute the same steps there 

Integration of configurable materials and variants

  • The integration of configurable materials and variants works as integrating “normal” materials. But you have to keep in mind that the classification data have to be in the APO system as well.
  • It is recommended to integrate the classification data (classes and characteristics) in a separate model. So you should integrate these data first before sending the configurable materials and variants.

Check data in APO (/SAPAPO/MAT1)

  1. Execute transaction /SAPAPO/MAT1
  2. Enter the name of the Product Variant and the Location
  3. Go to Classification tab. There, you should see the Configurable Material specified as Reference Product (Location). Also when pressing the green triangle next to the Reference Product, you can see the valuation of the variant

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  1. Hi Tiago, why did you not take the Materialtype KMAT for the configurable material??