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The purpose of this page is to learn how to set up BOD and assign to Product.



Set up Basic master data of BOD and assign product to BOD. 

General Concept

BOD (Bill of Distribution) is network of customer locations. Network is hierarchically structured to predefine the distribution routes for products within service parts planning.

BOD structure has levels. In general most of the customers use 3 level structure. Here three levels means 3 individual nodes consist of locations. 1. Entry Level Locations - upper most node consist Entry location 2. Parent Level Locations- second upper most consist of parent (Stock Holding locations) 3. Customer facing Locations - Last node consist of locations where customer can buy or order the spare parts.

Network structure of locations specifies the product distribution with in your organization following the receipt goods at entry location. BOD is product specific. You must assign the product to BOD to distribute that product with in your organization.

Create BOD Steps:

1. Transaction /N/SAPAPO/BOD001, enter BOD Name

2. Enter BOD Entry Location as First Level, and then transfer using Icon



3.  To enter Locations 2nd level node , Hier.Node selection would be Entry location, then only system allows to 2nd level locations.


Product Assignment to BOD:

1.Transaction /SAPAPO/PROD2BOD_M , to Assignment of Products to BOD .

2. See product assinged to BOD in transaction /n/sapapo/prod2boddisp, giving Product in the selection.

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