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DRP created anonymous Purchase requisition for which Alert 7879 will be generated. This alert were generated by each DRP run


DRP Approval Rule - ANNON - Alert 7879

DRP created an anonymous purchase requisition for which neither a scheduling agreement nor a purchasing contract exist. In this case, the system creates the alert 7879. 

Alert 7879 generation depends on Status of  Anonymous Purchase Requisition 

DRP creates an alert 7879 'Anonymous Purchase Requisition Created' for an anonymous Purchase Requisition that is in a status 'manual approval' or 'waiting for mass approval'.

If you approve the Purchase Requisition and set it to status 'Released' then DRP will not create any further alert 7879. 

This is actual DRP behavior. Tested this situation in our in-house reference system and checked the code logic.


Some explanation on the Approval logic:

The alert 7879 is created in the DRP Approval (approval rule class /SAPAPO/CL_RL_ANNONYMOUS_PREQ).

DRP compares the purchase requisition data before and after the DRP run.

Identical orders (before/after) that are in status 'Released' will not be sent to DRP approval.

Orders with an intermediate status (not approved/released) are sent to approval.

For this decision the Availability Date/Ship Date are not taken into any consideration.

So this is a regular DRP/DRP Approval behavior.

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