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Deamons activation to fix the error "Error when generating a historical data-DAO instance"



When Customer run the planning service SPP: Data Rea. For Stocking/Destocking "SPP_PDEM_STOCKING_RLG" in the Planning Service Manager (PSM). Planning service triggers error that Error when generating a historical data-DAO instance, Message no. /SAPAPO/PDEM_GEN_SRV003.
This error triggers when changed data update.

Data Realignment of Stocking/Destocking "SPP_PDEM_STOCKING_RLG" Service Features:

 In general, Stocking Realignment service for the selected products in the selection, checks new customer facing location or new stock holding locations for order items. It generates data realignment steps for the order items and creates new demand history from the changed order items.

Planning service writes changed data to Data Store objects 9ARAWCRT and 9ADEMCRT.

Planning service also deletes the trigger SPP_REPL_INDI_CHANGE and set the trigger SPP_RLG_DONE.


Debug Analysis:


  1. Log on transaction RSRDA

 2. Start Daemons  for all assigned objects.

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