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Hello Colleagues,

Please below are the steps for uploading data to SAP BW using BI 7.0

Create Info Area: (Use TA: RSA1)

Go to Info Provider -> RC_> Create Info Area


Create Info cube :

RC on Info Area and click create info cube



Give name and desc.




Push all your chacteristics (including 9AVERSION) under dimension1 and all your keyfigure under

Keyfigure also push 0CALMONTH under time .

Create Source System:

Select source system from modeller and under file RC-> Create Source System


Give name and desc




Create Application Component:

Go to Info Source in modeller menu. RC on the Info Source and Create Application Component


RC on Application component and Create Data Source




Give name and select created Source System and in the Data Source Type select “Transactional data”



Under General Info tab give desc’s. In Extraction tab,load your CSV file in file field. Give Header rows to be ignored In data format select CSV file. Make sure the data separator is ,



Under Proposal Tab Load Example data check if data appears same as in your CSV File.


Under Proposal Tab Load Example data check if data appears same as in your CSV File







Under Preview tab check for the preview of the data upload.






RC on Application Component nad create Info Source (Optional Step)




Give name and desc and in the Object field select your info cube









RC on Info Source Create Transformation.

Map all your Data source info objects to the info source info objects




Under Info Provider select your Info cube and RC and Create Transformation





Map all your info objects of Info Source to Info cube.





Under Info Source , Select your Data Source and RC create Info Package.






Give name for Info Package and Under Schedule tab of Info Package click on Start.






Choose Goto Menu and select Monitor check if schedule is successful.




Now select your Info Cube and RC and Create Data Transfer Process




Go to Execute Tab and Click on Execute if asks for activation plz go on activating








Check if everything is ok . All requests in Request Processing are green.






Now Select your Info cube RC and Display data and select all characteristics and display.





Hope this is helpful a bit.

Please share your inputs.


Thanks & Regards,


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