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Deleting Inconsistent history data which is stored in TSDM level in SPP, which is not possible with normal stocking realignment service.



If we adjust the demand history in the key figure "Demand: Adjusted history" in the transaction /SAPAPO/SPPDMDH.

Once you saved the changed history, it will store in the info provider 9ADEMCRT as well as in TDL Time series ID "TSID_HIST_OVR" in TSDM data source level. 

Any Inconsistent demand history data can be removed executing the Stocking/Destocking data realignment service SPP_PDEM_STOCKING_RLG. It generally remove the data in the Info provider 9ADEMCRT.

In this case, Changed data is saved in the TSDM data source level. The Stocking/Destocking data realignment service SPP_PDEM_STOCKING_RLG, does not delete the data in TSDM level. So these values will be restored again from the TSDM data


You can delete TSDM level data using transaction /n/SAPAPO/TDL_TS_TEST for the selected data.

If you want to remove TSDM level data in Mass processing use Transaction /n/SCA/TSDM_TS_DELETE.


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