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Displaying of Freight Document navigates to the creation screen of the very same document type. For example, upon opening a Freight Order the creation of the Freight Order will appear.


The navigation targets the so-called OBN activities, which are triggered from the source application are resolved by a certain PFCG menu entry, which is linked in a certain way to such a OBN activity. In this particular scenario, there is a role, which resolves the target FRE_ORDER with a PFCG menu entry, that has the parameter CHANGE_MODE=C. So, to overcome the issue this parameter should be removed.

To do so consider the following steps:


  1. Open transaction PFCG
  2. Select a respective (standard) role and open it
  3. Navigate to the Menu tab
  4. Under the OBN-Targets select the corresponding target, e.g. Freight Order Management
  5. Right click on the affected menu entry e.g. Freight Order
  6. Choose the Details button
  7. On the newly opened pop-up, remove the parameter CHANGE_MODE=C

Please note that if the affected user has more roles attached it is not enough to adjust the standard roles. In this case you can remove the parameter CHANGE_MODE=C from *ALL* menu entries located in the folder OBN Targets of *ALL* roles.

HINT: You can do it manually for one role only - for the rest you may use the function "Copy menus" --> "From another role" --> "Local" to pull the changes from the corrected role.

For more information, please consider the following Blog Post: Navigation from SAP TM screens (a.k.a. what is this pesky “Failed to resolve Object Based Navigation target” error?) 



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