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Crossgate, an EDI and B2B exchange that is co-owned by SAP, has recently announced "EDI andB2B service extensions" that support the requirements of TM.  Crossgate is an SAP-centric EDI/B2B exchange that operates in a cloud computing environment.  Please contact your SAP sales teams with any questions.

You can send EDI messages to carriers which are relevant for B2B communication. This can be maintained in SPRO in general settings for tendering. First of all, you can define in your communication settings, if EDI messages shall be sent to all (independent from a certain carrier).

The determination of the EDI relevance takes place before sending the messages and the message is sent only if a carrier is relevant for B2B communication.

Additionally, you can optionally define carrier-specific communication settings. Here you can maintain exceptions from the general settings, e.g. in general you want to send out EDI messages, but certain carriers shall not receive EDI messages but e-mails, for example.