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Consulting Solutions offer small Add-ons to speed up your EWM implementation

Questions about prices and demo?  Lookup contact name in the pdf or Contact EWM Consulting Solutions


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 Consulting Solution


valid for
EWM Release

valid for
ECC Release


Packing Proposal

Optimize the packing proposal during warehouse order creation.


not relevant


Enhanced Stock Blocking

Enhanced Stock Blocking enables you to perform mass-blocking of stock, e.g. block expired stock automatically.
Get full Integration to SAP ECC QM (Quality Notifications and Inspection lots).


>= ECC 6.0


Interface Alerting

EWM sends an alert-email to the business user, if a queue (in EWM or ECC) gets stuck.
Email contains all information, such that business user can solve the error without access of SMQ2.

< 9.4 (might be in standard)

>= ECC 6.0


PLC Emulation for EWM-MFS

Use this virtual layout and telegram interface to test EWM-MFS without connection to the physical equipment (e.g. conveyor)


not relevant


Physical Inventory for HUs

Allow to request, execute and monitor physical Inventory for HUs in autmated or pick-point-managed warehouses.  all not relevant 2171311 
SimpleUIs Simple UIs for the main processes like picking, packing or clearing which can be used to speed up processing in high performance warehouses, The Web-Dynpro-based UIs can be easily extended and adapted to customer requirements. They are capable to be used in MFS environment. >= EWM 9.0 not relevant 2232962
Simple Empties ManagementMany warehouses require a system guided recording of exchanged empties. Also, they want to have an up to date view on the account balances with every exchange partner. >= EWM 9.0 ECC 6.0 EhP3 or S/4HANA 1610 2780478
EWM dangerous goods/hazardous substance processes  Setting up standard dangerous goods/hazardous substance processes >= EWM 7.0not relevant 



EWM & Repetitive Manufacturing (PDF)

 Manage your production warehouse with EWM ...even for repetitive manufacturing and JIS production supply, using plan orders>= EWM 9.2 >= ECC 6.0 

EWM & Repetitive Manufacturing