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Useful SAP Notes (login required)


How to configure the ECC Inbound Scheduler for CIF


Restarting Outbound SYSFAIL, RETRY, CPIERR and RUNNING Queues


Restarting Inbound SYSFAIL, RETRY CPIERR and RUNNING Queues


How to maintain /SAPAPO/C2 configuration for CIF


How to maintain the Publication Settings for CIF Integration


How to configure Distribution Definitions for CIF Integration


How to create a Subcontracting BOM PDS


Automatic Transfer of BOM, Routing and Production Version to SCM APO


New method in Delta Report Badi for Inspection Lots


Setting up qRFC queue names for CIF


APO -> R/3: Unable to convert unit of measure x into y


When integrating sales orders, COM error 147 occurs Worked on this to get a fix and tested


TL: Validity fields are closed in existing transp. Lane SAP modification as of SP16 APO 3.1


Master Data Functions in APO 4.0 Production Planning related master data of R/3 transferred to APO and its mapping to different objects like PPM, iPPE, RTO


Functions of Master Data in APO 4.0 Provides information regarding which R/3 function is mapped in which APO master record


Material enhancement, plant for the key of the PPM plan Explains PPM name post APO 4.0 has product and plant combinations


Starting a CIF Interface after a system shutdown


Transfer of subcontracting PPM


FAQ: APO CIF Frequently Asked Question for CIF


Maintaining Product Master in R/3 or APO


New names for R/3 initial transfer queues This note explains the naming standard of initial standard queues as of PI2002.1 or later


Purchasing info record: Changing the plant supplier Procedure to remove PIRs from APO before reintegrating when supplier has changed.


Extending time stream in LiveCache for resource Time-based capacity availability of a resource gets reduced unless the resource is saved in LiveCache based on the -/+ days in Planning Parameters. Report to use is /SAPAPO/CRES_CREATE_LC_RES


Activate I model: Product Master Fields are overwritten


Missing transfer of resources with CIF


qRFC: Configuration for the QIN Scheduler


R/3 and CIF concerning resources Details about converting a resource to mixed while doing CIF to APO


R/3 and CIF concerning Resources CIF related details for resources and also provides sample code of user exit to convert single/multi resources to mixed resources


PPM: User exit BSP source code for automatic bucket capacity determination Gives code for user exit mentioned above


qRFC Description (queued Remote Function Call)


Generation & Activation of Integration Models in batch Documents programs related to generation, activation, deactivation and deletion of integration models


APO-R/3 Integration in Production Planning


Most common error messages that we face when analyzing CIF execution. For every error message we have a few recommended actions and possible root causes.

1. Order version ____ not valid at date __.

Root causes:
 PPM/PDS or production version is no longer valid at order date of execution.
 No available PPM/PDS orPV at order’s date of execution.
 PPM or PDS has not been ciffed correctly to APO.


  • Check production version status is not locked.
  • Update new validity dates for production version.
  • Cif changes to APO in order to update the PPMs or PPDs.
  • Re-explode the orders where necessary.

2. Product ____ doesn’t exist in an active integration model.

Root causes:
 Material intergation model is not active.
 Product has cross-plant status as blocked.
 Material has MRP type different than X_*.


  •  Check and correct the cross-plant status of the product..
  •  Check and correct the MRP type of the product (X_).
  •  Activate the integration model and Cif the changes.

3. 151 - Order ____ not in an active integration model. 

Root causes:
 Integration model for this order not active.
 Order not included in integration model (product location not in selection).


  • Check the variant so that the product is included.
  • Activate the integration model and Cif the changes.

4. 152 – Order ____ missing in APO. 

Root causes:
 Order has been deleted in APO but not in R/3 due to a CIF failure.
 Order has been incorrectly created only in R/3.
 Order is included in an incorrect active integration model.
 Integration model is no longer active.


  • Check first if order should have been created in APO.
  • If yes: check that the intergation model is active and the correct product location assigned to it. Then reexecute the failed CIF queue (entry).
  • If no: exclude the product location from the wrong active integration model.

5.182/183 – Order ____ missing in R/3.

Root causes:
 Order has been manually deleted in R/3.
 Order was deleted in APO but CIF queue was locked during transfer to R/3.
 Integration model is no longer active.
 Order is a TLB deployment – in this case it is not an error.


  • Check that the IM is active and the correct product location assigned to it.
  • Reexecute the failed CIF queue.

6. Version (batch) XXXXX does not exist.

The cause for this issue is that the stock is being processed before the batches are updated in APO.

In order to guarantee the correct sequencing, two solutions are possible:

  • To separate the stocks and batches in different integration models, respecting the Batch -> Stock sequence in the activation.
  •  When they are together in one integration model, DO NOT set the flag “Parallelize in APO” as active. The activation leads to simultaneous processing which may cause this issue.