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This document describes how you can open the FPM Configuration from the UI screen and what are the most important information on the FBI view.

There are three possibilities to display the FBI view:

  1. If you know the configuration name or ID, it can be displayed via transaction SE84. On this transaction go to Web Dynpro > Component Configuration. Enter here the configuration name, open (execute and doubleclick) it and click on ‘Display Configuration’.

  2. If the configuration is not known you can enter the configuration directly from the UI by a right mouse click on the screen element. A popup will open and there’s a link to the configuration.

  3. You can set a user parameter on transaction SU01.
    Parameter: FPM_CONFIG_EXPERT
    Parameter value: X

    If this parameter is maintained, on NWBC UI a new button can be seen on the upper right corner: 'Show Configurable Area'.

    After clicking on this button and select an area you can open the Configuration.


The most importation information on the configuration is the Feeder Class parameters on the ‘General settings’ of the configuration. Here can be found the FBI view class where the data comes from. This is the link to the BO.

Here you have to copy the ‘FBI View’ out, open a new window on the configuration and enter here the FBI view configuration and display it.


The most important tabs on the FBI view are the followings:

  • Header
  • Related views
  • Field Descriptions
  • Actions


Business Object and Node: You can see here for example data of business object TOR of node ROOT has to be read.

Node UI Structure: this is the specific UI structure that you need for the UI elements. This provides all the fields that you want to configure on the screen. So the UI structure is the structure to which the BO node data is mapped.

Mapper Class: here we have a TOR specific Conversion Class which does the conversion from BO data to the UI format.

Exit Interface Class: this influence the UI specific (meta) data

Related Views

The related views are defined to also fill data from other BO association from source node to the target node. These views can be linked to the ROOT node via special association. In this case configuration /SCMTMS/FRE_ORDER_GEN has additional related views because you don’t need only ROOT fields on the UI but also fields from the related views which go to the ITEM.

You have to fill here special Output Structure Suffix because the FBI views and the related views might have the same name.

The Overall UI structure is generated by the FBI. The FBI structure has fields from the ‘Node UI Structure’ and from the ‘Related views’. Here the Overall UI structure has the ROOT fields from the left hand side, in the middle fields from the first related view and then additional fields from the second related view.

FBI generates for each fields 4 additional ‘reference fields’ for properties, named /BOFU/Rx (read only), /BOFU/Ex (Enabled), /BOFU/Vx (Visible), /BOFU/Sx (for mandatory). Unless ‘No property flag is set in FBI View.


Field description

Here is the possibility to overwrite the field descriptions if you don’t want to use the data element field description. Normally the field descriptions of the data element are taken into the configuration. If you would like to overwrite it you can define here for special fields that you want to name differently OTR text.



Here can be entered two types of the actions:

  • Actions that are defined here explicitly to give them special naming. It will appear in configuration as e.g. button texts.
  • Actions that are defined if you do not want to call the BO action directly but want to handle the action within Viewexit class method ~ADAPT_EVENT. Those actions appear in the list of possible actions in the configuration when configuring e.g. a button on the UI.