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The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of how DRP deals with fixed orders.


DRP is the main process of procurement in SPP. It creates, deletes and changes orders based in the demand. In order to avoid DRP to act against orders you may want to fix some orders to let it untouched by the process.

Fixing orders

In order to have a order fixed you have to take care of two different parameters:

  1. Fixed indicator in the order in Schedule Maintenance - Schedule Board (tx.: /SAPAPO/SPPDRPSB):

  2. Reason for Ordering in the order (also in Schedule Maintenance screen):

    Important: the Reason for Ordering which you maintain in the order must have a Fixed(DRP) indicator in its own settings in Customizing IMG (SPRO: Advanced Planning and Optimization > Supply Chain Planning > Service Parts Planning (SPP) > Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) > Define Reasons for Ordering) as shown bellow:

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