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The purpose of this page to give some detailed overview about the Freight Order customizing settings. In the Customizing of the freight order type you can set the most important settings, which you can access by following menu, path: Transaction SPRO: SAP Transportation Management - Transportation Management - Freight Order Management - Freight Order - Define Freight Order Types. Here, only the main points and functionalities will be described. For the most field and customizing part of the order itself, the F1 Search help is available, which gives more and punctual information about the several functions & restrictions. The sequence of the descriptions below follows the FO type body structure.

Please note that Freight Order Types will automatically pick a default selection option for multiple relevant dropdown boxes whenever it is saved. These include Freight Order Can Be Subcontracted, Shipper/Consignee Determination, Sequence Type of Stops, Time for Drawing, and Display Mode for Execution Tab. The only boxes that must be filled in before saving a Freight Order Type are the FO Type, the Number Range Interval, and the Transportation Mode as the defaults will fill in all other required information. 

It is possible to assign a freight order type to the following elements: 

  • Freight Booking type --> for pickup and delivery orders
  • Forwarding order stage types
  • Freight unit types (in case of direct shipment)
  • Freight unit building rules
  • Planning Profiles

Freight Order Type:
The data and the parameters you define in the Freight Order type will influance the whole behavior of the orders you create. The relevant business object is /SCMTMS/TOR. You can also maintain your own description for this Freight Order Type, which will be displayed on the Freight Order UI.

Default type for ERP Shipment Integration:
Implies the default order type in case you would like to create orders based on ERP shipments. Please note that if you don't have an entry in Customizing 'Assign Freight Order Types to ERP Shipment Types' the system will use the default type maintained in this section. For the freight order types, it is possible to have two default types depending on the predecessor documents.

Basic Settings
Under the basic settings section it can be defined whether the freight order can be subcontracted or not and how the shipper and consignee determination should work. You can define if the document should be fixed after saving avoiding more planning activties and whether the order can be deleted or not at all.

The sequence Type of Stops defines the connections among the stages of the freight order. The most common sequence type is Defined and Linear, for example on order which are created as a planning result because the stages of the freight order represent the route assigned vehicle resource is expected to drive. Additionally, other stop sequences can be defined such as Non-Linear (star-shaped): link.

If  it is relevant for your scenario, your customer can organize the pick-up and delivery. In this case you should select the customizing settings Self-Delivery/Customer Pick-Up document. Please note that in this case the order will be only present for documentation purposes, no further planning activities will be allowed. For more information please consider the following SAP Help Site: link.

Please note that due to a wrong setting, some unexpected issue can occur: 2138818 - Determination of business partner and location does not work correctly in Freight Order.

Charge Calculation and Settlement Document Settings
Here, you can set how the Order could behave related to the several Charge Calculation and Settlement settings by enabling and displayed.

Execution Settings
The execution tracking relevance of the freight order type is defined here.

Event Management Settings:
Application Object Type: You can define an object type which is relevant for event management.

Last Exp. Event: Based on a last expected event of a document, the system set the Exuction status to Executed.

Tendering Settings

Settings related to the tendering process are defined here. For more information, tendering related settings and troubleshooting, please consider the following SAP documentations:
1697835 - Consulting note for tendering
2144359 - On Tendering Profile the 'Price Details' cannot be set to 'Charge Hierarchy'
2246363 - How to change the default proposed Visibility Settings for Tendering
2278252 - FO Tendering Plan: Propose > Visibility Settings changes loaded tendering profile settings

Additional Settings

 You can  define the Dangerous Goods Profile if it fits your scenario and which Carrier Selection Profile can be used as default. In addition, you can set here whether a document is relevant for creation, which means the integration to SAP EWM and ERP.

Planning Profile

You can define here the planning profile that is used by the system to perform planning runs and create transportation proposals for business documents of this type. Please note that the here specified planning profile will be used only if you do some planning activites outside of the transportation cockpit. In the Transportation Cockpit, if you specifiy a planning profile, then its settings will be considered, otherwise the Change Planning Settings will be considered.







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