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This page provides information about SCM Master Data related topics and questions that are not related to other sub-components.


SPRO - APO nodes are invisible:

SPRO transaction's IMG activity does not show Advanced Planning and Optimization node (which includes SPP - Spare Parts Planning - sub-nodes) after upgrading to SCM_BASIS 7.13 release.

  1. Make sure that the below two SAP correction notes are installed:
    2087012 - SPRO :Project sequence is wrong IN SCUSSEQUENCE
    2211223 - SPRO :Project sequence is wrong IN SCUSSEQUENCE

  2.  Check your SCUSSEQUENCE transaction > SAP reference IMG: The entry: SAP_SCM has to be the currently called ID (last one in the row which is not replaced by any other enrty). Additionally you can check the SCUS_HIER table (via T-code: SE11). The point of this step is to make sure that the hierarchy is populated by SAP_SCM and not SAP_SCMEWM.

  • Another useful note for changing the SAP Reference IMG:  2197261 - SPRO Use another SAP Reference IMG

''COM - error Unknown'' in /SAPAPO/MAT1

You face error message: ''COM - error Unknown'' / Message no. /SAPAPO/OM001 in transactions for example: /N/SAPAPO/MAT1 while trying to display/change a product.

  • This can have more possible reasons but the first thing to check is the LiveCache version / SCM Sytem Support Package matrix in KBA: 2074842 - Matrix of liveCache Versions for SCM 7.02 and Later. If you have HANA integrated LiveCache, please see: 2074843 - Version Matrix for HANA integrated liveCaches and 2074841 - Matrix of liveCache Versions for SCM 7.00 and 7.01.

SAP Product Availability Matrix

USMM measurement for APO locations

Guid Converter tool:

  • For converting hexadecimal GUIDs (Char32) to GUIDs (Char 22) and vice-verse, use: GUID_CONVERT function module in ''test'' mode in SE37 transaction.
  • 1691536 - How to convert GUID types CHAR22 and CHAR32

Microseconds to seconds:

  • 1.000.000 microseconds = 1 second (Useful in case of performance traces)

Count memory load of internal tables during debugging/dump analysis:

  • eg: IT_TEST [5681112*225] [amount of records * width of table in bytes] = 1278250200 bytes > / 1024 = 1248291 KB > / 1024 = 1219 MB > / 1024  = 1.19 GB

Authorizations in APO Master Data:

  • 1464451 - Authorisations in APO Master Data
  • Further options for authority check: BADi: /SAPAPO/MD_CHK_AUTH (view from SE18 transaction). This BADi is called at function module: /SAPAPO/MD_CHECK_AUTHORITY.
  • To set up authority check for Transportation Lanes please see the: Transportation Lanes Wiki Page


Master Data Locking Concept in APO:


Enhanced search UI problems in SCM 7.13:

There can be some minor discrepancies in the behavior of the UI with the enhanced search (SAP Logon / Options / Visualization 2 / Show Enhanced Search) functionality in SCM 7.13 system if the User Interface's version is not updated correctly.

For example the input value is not saved to the field (after reopening the transaction the field is initial), or the input value is not even written to the field.

The resolution is to upgrade the SAP Logon UI to the latest available version.

  Temporarily workaround: the enhanced search option can be switched off in the SAP Logon Options.


EWM installation without BW:

  • 1507802 - Error message BRAIN009 during CIF: You can only work in client *

EWM installation without LiveCache:

  • 1586994 - Connection to live Cache failed


LSMW tool own recordings related to SCM APO objects with transactions such as.: /N/SAPAPO/SCC_TL1 or /N/SAPAPO/MAT1

  • Please refer to SAP KBA: 2271629 - LSMW tool recording error at SCM master data upload


Change Notification Agent option to keep related data updated:

  • 2240684 - Change Notification Agent usage in SCM

SCM Production system copy to Quality system and lower  environments, Business System Group, CIF integration:

  • When copying the production system data to lower environments, the BSG detail will be copied to quality just as it looks like in the production system. E.g. BSG001 is existing at production, but quality environments use BSG002, still the previous one is copied to the quality. Material, Location and other master data Mapping tables need to be adjusted to reflect the BSG002 in the quality system.
  • The below SAP Notes are necessary to change the BSG (LOGQS) to the quality system's BSG nr in the Master Data mapping tables.

213109 - Change of LOGQS (BSG) for products & locations - /SAPAPO/MATMAP /SAPAPO/LOCMAP
570264 - PPM transfer: Error /SAPAPO/502 occurs after system copy - /SAPAPO/PPMMAP and /SAPAPO/PLANMAP
Standard report /SAPAPO/CHANGE_BSG_RESOURCE or 924136 - Change of the LOGQS (BSG) for resources                     /SAPAPO/RESKEY
- Change BSG (LOGQS) in /SCMB/TOENTITYMP                     /SCMB/TOENTITYMP

You may also need the transaction BDLS, to change logical systems (LOGSYS). For Location master logsys - use /SAPAPO/CHANGE_LOGSYS report (careful - read the source code comment in the report so you know what you are doing).

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