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On the ASN HU screen one can pack ASN items into handling units. This can be done manually or automatically (if a packaging specification has been defined -> Packaging Specification).

The actual packaging is done in the EWM. So the HU screen uses EWM function modules, here (i.e. /SCWM/HU_PROPOSAL).

Between the HU UI and the EWM there is an assistance class (/SCA/CL_PACKSPEC_HDLR) that communicates directly with the EWM. This handler class is used on the packaging specification screens as well.


Relevant VF checks



View detailed information on these checks:



Business Scenario

Handling Units in general: 

ASNs & Handling Units


Coding locations

Package /SCF/ASN:

Important classes:

  • /SCF/CL_DATA_PACK                            model class
  • /SCF/CL_PACK_TB                                  ASN item table
  • /SCF/CL_PACK_TB_TREE                     HU tree table