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Horizons Display in the DRP Matrix Screen varies with the selection of Entry Location and Active Contact Packager with in the BOD


Horizons display in the DRP matrix screen. DRP planning starts from Entry location of BOD to Child Locations level. In case customer have active Contract Package at the entry location level. How DRP horizons are displaying the matrix screen.

Horizons Display 

Different Horizon are displayed with different selection of BOD locations.

In case, BOD has active contact package (CP) at entry location level, in this way BOD is extended and then the products are ordered and arrive at the CP and not at the plant (Entry Location) level. 

Selection of active CP at Entry Location level, DRP shows Horizons like Freeze Horizon. Limited Freeze Horizon, and Plan Submission Horizon.

Selection at Entry Location level without CP, displays only Procurement Lead Time and other periods.

You have lead time from plant to CP which will be shown in the plant level and ordering horizons at CP level.

If you want to see the all horizons from the plant level, you must deactivate the CP. 

This is standard behavior.



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