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You face dumps due to high number of location/product combinations in /SAPAPO/SDP94 and you want to know how many are being loaded in Interactive Planning.


This Wiki will show you the fastest way to discover how many combinations are being loaded in /SAPAPO/SDP94, using the debugger.

Creating the first breakpoint

After loading your Planning Book / Data View, enable the debugger (typing /h in the command field). When you click the shuffler to select the product/locations to be loaded, the ABAP debugger will start. At this point, click F9 (or go to menu Breakpoints > Create Breakpoint) and put a BP in Function Module /SAPAPO/DM_MATMODS_GET:

After that, confirm the breakpoint creation and press F8.

Performing the selection

Perform the selection, as usual:

This will load the breakpoint you created before.


Check variable E_MATMOD_TAB

When the debugger gets activated, put a new breakpoint in the latest possible line (in our case it is 603, but it may change due to notes or Support Packages):

At this point, variable E_MATMOD_TAB will be filled with the product/locations loaded. Just check the number of lines in this table:

In our case the number of locarion/products loaded into the shuffler is 5870.


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